No goal or dream is too big to achieve. With the right mindset and willingness to put in the work, anything is possible. That being said, big results can take a lot of time to accomplish, and that long period of time can be discouraging if you aren’t recognizing progress along the way. We’re talking about the little milestones that come and go without much notice. Those wins deserve to be celebrated! YOU deserve to be celebrated for every small step you take toward your big shiny goal! Doing this will keep you in high spirits AND motivated to stay on track. So, check out our four favorite ways to celebrate small wins!


1.A Night of Self-care

You don’t have to do anything fancy! Put a date and time on your calendar for some intentional self-care. Take a bubble bath, watch your favorite movie or make your favorite meal. Make it special by rocking your comfiest pajamas and lighting your most delicious-smelling candle. You deserve it!


2. A Special Workout

So, you’ve been regularly hitting your local TITLE Boxing Club for your favorite boxing classes and getting your at-home workouts in with TITLE Boxing Club On Demand? Great, it’s time for a reward! This one is for the fitness guru. Make your next workout unique. Grab a friend and go on a hike or nature walk with a picnic, or try something you’ve never done before like rock climbing. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy some fresh air.


3. Treat Yourself

Maybe save this one for a medium-sized win. Treat yourself to the fresh pair of boxing gloves you’ve been eyeing at the club or take yourself out to a restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Gift yourself an item or experience that’s been on your mind for a while, it will get you super excited to keep moving toward your goal.


4. Reflect

This is a simple one, but very rewarding. Set designated time aside for this. Look back on your journey thus far and really reflect on the challenging days, the learning moments and of course, all the little milestones you’ve surpassed. Write it down, shout it from the rooftops or talk to a trusted friend about it. Relish in the success you’ve achieved and be proud of the determination and strength you demonstrated to get to where you are now.