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Jun 6, 2019

6 Ways to Detox Your Body After Summer Travel

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It’s the time of year to pack your bags and head out of town for weddings, weekend getaways and beach vacations. Wherever your destination might be, not all vacations are relaxing. In fact, most ‘vacations’ people go on these days involve running themselves ragged in hopes of getting the most out of their time away.

A faculty member in the University of Georgia’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences found that adults going on a one- to three-week vacation gained an average of nearly 1 pound during their trips. With the average American reportedly gaining 1-2 pounds a year – and, most of these vacations occurred between the months of March and August.

No matter where you go, or for how long, you most-likely will break your usual routine and find yourself sliding into slightly less healthy habits. Being on the road (or in the air) almost always requires eating out for every meal, going to bed late and waking up early. By the time you get home, you’re run down, jet lagged and bloated.

But what can you proactively do to recover?

6 Ways to Detox Your Body After Summer Travel

Detox your Diet (No Eating Out)

Heavy foods you eat while traveling can start to make you feel sluggish and bloated. Your first order of business when returning home is detoxing from all the rich foods, and carbs, you’ve (probably) been eating. A healthy diet with plenty of raw vegetables is a great way to get your body back to feeling normal while flushing out toxins and inflammation.

No Alcohol

If we could invent a diet with alcohol in it, we would be millionaires – but, as you know that doesn’t exist, sorry! Alcohol stops the fat burning process, dehydrates the body and leads to bloating the next day.

Drink Your Weight in Water

It is no secret that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for fast weight loss and better health. It will also fill your stomach so you don’t feel as hungry and rid your body of toxins. So, drink up!

Get Your Sweat On

The more you sweat out, the faster toxins leave your body. Plan to make it to the club for a boxing class to detox your body post-vacation. Our signature workout utilizes the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout – including proper heavy bag training – to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, core, stamina and your confidence. Empowering, exhilarating and totally addictive— if you haven’t tried it yet, this will be your new favorite workout class.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Nothing is worse than suffering through jetlag after returning from a trip. The key is to plan your sleep so you return to your normal schedule as quickly as possible. Additionally, plan to allow yourself to sleep in an extra hour or two until you’re caught up and functioning normally again. The extra sleep will help your mood and productivity dramatically.

Ease Back In

It’s tempting to return to your normal (very busy) routine the second you get home, but planning a full schedule for the week you return will likely lead to stress, exhaustion and burn out. Give yourself the chance to ease back in.

These 6 ways to detox from your summer travel seem simple, but often they are harder to implement and maintain than you think. Plan ahead and you will succeed. We’re in your corner.

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