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Nov 30, 2017

Athleisure: From Boxing to the Street

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If you haven’t heard of the fitness fashion trend “Athleisure”, please put down your palm pilot, because this trend is going to completely change your life. Remember when leggings became popular again and the heavens aligned because it was possible to make clothes you worn in public comfortable? Welcome to Athleisure, friends.

– ath·lei·sure –

casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

Simply put, Athleisure is the perfect way to combine fitness pieces with trendy or statement pieces to upgrade the fitness gear into a fashionable option. You can rock athleisure at work (depending on the dress code), at the gym, at brunch with your friends, traveling or for a casual date.

We’ve put together our three favorite ways to rock this trend and make it easy to transition from the gym life to your everyday life without packing multiple outfits. Simplicity is key. All of these outfits are TITLE Boxing Club approved!

Leggings, cool sneakers and a jacket

This is the quintessential “cool girl” outfit in our books. Pair your favorite leggings with some classic sneakers. Add a plain white t-shirt with a jacket and you’re set. Shirts with a funny saying are even better! “Boxing then Brunch” is our favorite! We love a military style jacket, a jean jacket or a leather jacket to transition your workout look to day. If you’re worried about your hair after a workout, throw on a hat and you’ll still be just as chic.

athleisure 1

Photo courtesy of @rachcmorris Instagram

Leggings, hoodie and a vest

With fall here and winter coming soon, we love throwing in a vest for some added warmth. Pair your favorite leggings with a light hoodie, cool sneakers (like Nike Prestos or Adidas PureBoosts) and a vest. Sunglasses are also a great accessory!

athleisure 5

Photo courtesy @marylbehm Instagram

Leggings, a tank top and a loose shirt or a flannel

Leggings and a tank top are the perfect work out combo. An easy way to transition that into a day look is to throw an oversized long-sleeved shirt over the tank top. Choose a shirt that hangs off one shoulder if you have a cool sports bra or tank top that you want to show off a bit. You could also bring a flannel to tie around your waist. We love a good flannel, and it’s an easy way to add the illusion of a waist. Pair this look with a pair of cool sneakers like classic Adidas, Converse or your favorite pair).

athleisure kass

Photo courtesy of @kassmtaylor Instagram


Athleisure is all about what’s comfortable and works with your style. Add your own flare and style. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. That’s the great thing about Athleisure; you can combine the items you already have in a new way!



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