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Dec 11, 2018

Body-Weight Movements to Improve your Boxing

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If you thought our classes only worked your arms, we’re about to switch it up on you! Our classes are truly FULL body. We love hearing from our members how surprised they were with how sore their legs, abs, shoulders and glutes were. We know with busy schedules, it’s important to find a workout that targets your total body and produces results.

All of our classes start with a warm up. The warm up portion of class is key to your success. Through exercises like jumping jacks, shadow boxing, mountain climbers, squats, lunges and push-ups, we warm up your muscles to prevent injury before starting the class. We’re also focused on getting your heart rate up to start burning calories before you even put your gloves on.

Not only does this section prepare your body and muscle groups for class but it also begins the full-body focus of our classes. With 8 rounds of boxing or kickboxing, we work your lower body before and in-between the rounds. We work on your abs during the core portion at the end of class. All of these come together to produce a full-body workout that produces results.

Jarrod Houston, trainer at TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Church Street/East Nashville, shared a few of his favorite body-weight exercises to help improve your boxing. These moves will help strengthen your punches, improve your form and protect from injury.

Split Lunge Crosses: Isometric and Static work for Quads. This move works your quads that teaches you to engage your core while throwing crosses. Engaging your core while throwing punches gives you more power while protecting your lower back.


Reverse Lunge to Roundhouse Kick: We’re focusing on engaging your obliques, which aids in balance, and teaching you how to generate power with your kicks.


Shoulder Taps to Push Up Reaches: This dynamic exercise focuses on strengthening your shoulders while gaining muscle endurance. You’ll notice an improvement with your endurance during boxing with this move – especially during those Jab/Cross burnouts.

Roundhouse Pulses: You’ll feel the burn in your hips and glutes with this killer move. Engage your core for balance and focus on rotating your hip correctly and pivoting your front foot. Start off slow with this move. Perfect your form and then increase your speed.

Start implementing these four moves into your routine and watch your boxing and kickboxing improve in class. We’ll see you at the bag!

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