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Oct 16, 2018

Cottonwood Heights Charitable Events

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  Cottonwood Heights Charitable Events


Our mission at TITLE Boxing Club is to be the best hour of someone’s day. Every club owner, general manager, group fitness experts, personal trainers and staff member goals is to help you to overcome all the fights you encounter in your day-to-day life. Our people have heart, they care about every single member, and we love seeing our clubs help others in their communities as well.

TITLE Boxing Club Cottonwood Heights in in Utah has hosted more than six charitable events over the last three years, and have been a big part of the the Cottonwood Heights community. At TITLE, we believe that charitable events are a great way to GIVE BACK to the the community, show we care about the people in our clubs and to connect with other likeminded businesses.

“The events drew a huge crowd to our club! Members and nonmembers are always welcomed, which makes our events have a huge attendance. The charitable events also helps us to build partnerships throughout our city,” said Jennifer, the event planing and marketing manager at TBC Cottonwood Heights.



Cottonwood Heights TITLE Boxing Club Highlights:

– Charitable Event to help a trainer who suffered a major brain aneurysm. Jennifer stated “the out pour of support for the trainer was TREMENDOUS! And I’m happy to say that he has made a full recovery.



– Charitable Event to help a member’s family that had passed way from cancer. “We raised money for his family to pay medical bills. It was heartbreaking, but we feel that the event helped the member’s family during such a difficult time “.




Here at TBC COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS we are really all about family and creating a sense of belonging. We love to help our members achieve their goals and walk away from their workouts feeling better then when they walked in.
We have so many success stories of weight loss, fitness goals reached, in additions to having improved metal and physical health…. Both for members and staff!

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