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Jun 17, 2019

Fighting Your Battles

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Hello and welcome to a new blog series from our marketing team. I am Brooke Budke, Vice President of Marketing for the brand. Over the past six years with the brand we have seen hundreds of thousands of members pass through our doors.

Our members are remarkable. We have all walks of life and all abilities at TITLE. From the stressed-out person, to the every-day mom, we cater our classes to everyone. We have members that have lost hundreds of pounds, fought for their lives against cancer, parkinson’s, death and disease. Our members fight for their mental health, sanity, stress relief, anxiety, depression and confidence. We welcome people with disabilities, in wheel chairs, people lacking confidence and people ashamed with how they look. Of course, the fitness junkie loves the boxing classes and the runners, dancers, athletes and more use the workouts to fuel their results.

Simply put—we are the club for everyone. All bodies, all shapes, all ages, all abilities. In all my years of marketing and fitness I’ve never seen a brand like ours. We are inclusive, fighting for the underdog, and smiles are handed out as frequent as high fives. Our community of fighters are everyday people, trying to increase their joy, live in the light and feel empowered.

“We are inclusive, fighting for the underdog, and smiles are handed out as frequent as high fives.”


This past month, we took our product to the people and hosted pop-up workouts in LA and NY. The results were remarkable. Everyone who took the class left feeling uplifted, empowered, accomplished and super sweaty. At the events we asked everyone to identify what they fight for before class started. The answers: hope, love, family, air quality, immigration, women equality, mental health, growth, peace of mind, God, confidence, my dreams, light and for those that can’t. It gave me chills to witness the real fights people encounter every day, and to know how much punching through your problems can help.

Today, this week, this summer, or this year, I invite you to try out TITLE Boxing Club. We go above and beyond for our newbies, knowing you’ve likely never thrown a punch before. And, we help you every punch, kick and drop of sweat. Trust me, you are going to LOVE it.

And, for all our warriors, who we call members, I invite you to submit your story to our Member Showcase going on right now through the end of June. We want to hear your story, how TITLE has impacted your life, and how we can honor your inner fighter. Tell us and who knows, you could win our national prizes and be featured in an upcoming brand campaign.

No matter what life throws at you, know that you are worthy of an exceptional life, and sometimes what is required to win is that you simply keep fighting.

In your corner,

Brooke Budke

VP of Marketing

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