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Feb 27, 2018

How to Find Dietitian Approved Groceries

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Grocery shopping is all about finding foods that help you achieve your health goals. Registered Dietitian, Shanna Hutcheson, shares her passion for fitness, nutrition tips and more on her website, Wellness For The Win. Below is a portion of Shanna’s article, “Dietitian Approved Aldi Finds”, where she goes section by section in Aldi to display a variety of healthy options, as well as their affordable prices. She then displays the delicious meals she created with the ingredients she just purchased. Please visit Wellness For the Win for the full-article


I know I have been obsessively posting about Aldi lately, but I just can’t help it. I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!

First off, I want to clarify that I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Aldi. But man, I wish I was! I just truly love their products and want to share about their incredible prices in order to help you all out.

All my fellow Aldi shoppers out there already understand why I love this place so dearly. Ethan and I are still pretty newly married, which means he is still adjusting to my inherent need to keep the fridge, freezer and pantry fully stocked 24/7. In an effort to prevent him from having a heart attack from grocery bills, we started going to Aldi shortly after we got married. Little did I know, it would quickly become the place where we do 90% of our grocery shopping.

Not only are the prices at Aldi unbeatable, but they have so many products that are absolutely dietitian approved. Since I’m raving about this place on Instagram all the time, I thought I would let you know which Aldi items are my favorites so you can keep an eye out on your next trip.

I have gotten several messages asking whether or not the produce at Aldi is organic. The answer is yes and no. They do have a ton of organic items throughout the store, including the produce section, but they also have some conventionally grown produce as well. I personally do not eat 100% organic, mostly because I can’t afford to and I do my best to wash my produce as well as possible. However, Aldi has made it a lot easier to incorporate more organic items into my diet at an affordable price.

If eating 100% organic is non-negotiable for you, I completely respect that. You will still be able to find a ton of great stuff at Aldi, likely for half the price of organic products that you will find at other natural food stores. For example, I got a 16 oz bag of organic quinoa at Aldi for less than four dollars. I’m pretty sure that would’ve been closer to $10 anywhere else. Avocados at Aldi are around $0.50 cents each. At some stores you will pay close to $3 for just ONE avocado. These prices are nuts, and the quality is absolutely worth the hype.

I also want to point out that these items might not be available at every Aldi location, as they all seem to be a little bit different. The one that we go to most often is very new, and has a better selection than most. If any of the items on this list are not at your Aldi location, you should let them know you’d like to see it and maybe they’ll add it to that store!

It’s important to have a healthy diet in conjunction with physical exercise. Remember, results are made in the kitchen and the club. Happy shopping!

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