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Feb 28, 2018

Giving the TITLE Boxing Club Life Her Best Shot

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If you have ever taken a TITLE Boxing Club class you know just how incredible it feels. That feeling of euphoria and power becomes addictive and is truly the best hour of your day.

That feeling is something that Nikki Fontana, 26, decided she couldn’t live without.

Fontana, who is the Area Manager for TITLE Boxing Club International’s corporate locations in the Kansas City area, started at TBC in a sales position back in 2013. Her passion for fitness and for helping people naturally prompted Fontana to pursue an additional role as a trainer and eventually as the General Manager of TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 148.

Fontana’s involvement with TITLE Boxing Club goes far beyond her presence at the corporate clubs, as she has been featured in multiple international marketing campaigns for the brand. Most notably the ‘Lose Yourself. Find Yourself’ video released January 2016.

But for Fontana, TITLE Boxing Club is far more than a career. It’s an opportunity to pursue her passion of making a difference.

TITLE Boxing Club has helped me grow as a person. The environment within a club helped to motivate me and focus on my personal development,” Fontana said. “I know how much I’ve grown since 2013 and that’s how I know this place has the ability to change people’s lives. That motivates me every day.”


The club has also become Fontana’s home away from home as trainers, staff and members have basically become her family.

“When I think about TITLE I just think about the word family,” Fontana said. “I spend more time with my TITLE family than my own and that doesn’t bother me. I want to be present in the lives of these incredible people.”

That passion for helping others is one of the reasons that Fontana has excelled in her roles with the TITLE Boxing Club. Another reason is that she is absolutely addicted to taking class.

I take probably 7 classes a week,” Fontana said. “It’s a stress reliever and it’s really just you vs. the bag. I’m passionate about the workout and about the brand. I know the workout works and I love it.”


Whether she’s behind the desk working sales, handling operations, teaching class or managing multiple locations, Fontana’s competitive spirit hasn’t diminished one bit in 6 years with TITLE Boxing Club.

And she doesn’t anticipate that passion burning out anytime soon.

“I just truly love TITLE Boxing Club,” Fontana said. “I want to have the best club and I want members, trainers and staff to know that they have a leader who is going to give them my best each day.”

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