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Apr 27, 2017

Could You Handle a TITLE Boxing Club Philthy Workout?

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For TITLE Boxing Club trainer Phil Siedlik in Boston, Massachusetts, training is not just a job but a lifestyle for him. From early rise and shine workouts to after work grinds, Phil, or “Philthy,” as his members like to call him, loves the power of motivation during boxing and kickboxing workouts. He has one of the best followings in the country and its clear to see why when talking with him. Read more below to understand more about why Phil’s heart beats for TITLE Boxing Club!

What is your “Why?”

My why is everyone that walks into my club. It’s every person that wraps those hands, puts on those gloves, and tests themselves in my rack to help themselves be that much better that day. I’m here to get that little extra out of you, help take you to that next level you never thought you could reach. What’s my why? My why is you.

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What TITLE DNA word best describes you?


The word that best describes me is Connected. To me, TITLE IS FAMILY. Everyone that belongs to my club, is my family. This is not a gym. This is a club, and when you join the club, you’re family forever. I’ll always be there for you. It’ll be there to carry you through the finish line, bleed with you and sweat with you in the ring, and I always have an ear and a shoulder for you to lean on when you need it.



What’s your daily dose of motivation?

Every day I wake up at 4am and come to a club with a packed house of members at 4:45am in the morning, wrapping their hands after rolling out of bed. Every night I see nurses, moms, dads, teachers, accountants, and lawyers who have given it all they have had in their work and family life, but still make time to come in and give me everything they have on the bag. That’s my daily motivation. The fact that no matter what life throws at you, you still find time for YOU. I’ll make sure I’m there when you make that time. To help be your motivation, to make sure you never quit, and to believe in you.

How do you inspire people in my class? 

I inspire through example, and positivity. A smile is contagious. I just try to be the most positive person I can be at all times, seeing the best in every situation. I let that bleed through me, and shine through my smile every day. A smile goes a long way, so I keep one on all day!


Why did you choose TITLE Boxing Club?

I’m not sure if I choose TITLE or if TITLE choose me. When I needed it most, the opportunity and the club was there for me and I just ran with it. TITLE has become my life.

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What’s your journey with TITLE Boxing Club?

From the first day I walked thru the doors of my first club, the walls weren’t painted, the bags were still unwrapped, but something felt different. The minute I walked into my Club, I knew my life changed forever. I interviewed to be a trainer, and a week later I was a trainer as well as an Assistant General Manager. Fast forward 6 months at our first TITLE CONVENTION. I was asked to travel the country as a National Trainer for TITLE to help train trainers in the power hour, while opening clubs for TITLE while traveling across the country.

The relationships that I built on my travels made me who I am today, and built relationships with the people I now work with in Massachusetts.

I moved from Michigan to Boston just over a year ago to General Manage my own TITLE Boxing Club in Saugus. It has been the most amazing journey, and the most gratifying experience I ever could have imagined. I look to grow with TITLE, opening more clubs, and eventually owning and running my own!


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