The post-workout endorphins are REAL! Upon throwing that last punch to the heavy bag at the end of a TITLE Boxing Club class, you immediately feel accomplished, proud and…sweaty. Very sweaty. However, though in the hours leading up to a boxing class you KNOW you’re going to feel unbelievably incredible once you get that stress-relieving exercise in, we know it can sometimes be challenging to feel motivated. It’s okay! We know the struggle. That’s why we put together our best and most effective ways to get motivated before class to share with the TITLE Fam!


Don’t Burn Yourself Out 

The first tip is simple. If you’re trying to pack in seven days of intense workouts, you are inevitably going to get burnt out. If your workouts are starting to feel mundane or you’re too exhausted to perform 100% then you will likely never feel excited to accomplish the workouts in the first place. Plan what days of the week you’ll head to the club and then on the remaining days, try something lower-impact like a twenty-minute at-home workout with TITLE Boxing Club On Demand.


Reward Yourself

Make trackable workout goals and reward yourself when you hit them. Even the little ones! You can find our favorite ways to celebrate fitness wins HERE. The positive reinforcement will keep you eager and motivated to get yourself to the club!


Bump Some Tunes 

Make a playlist of all your favorite pump-up songs! Include the jams that make you smile and get you excited. Listen to your playlist in the hours leading up to your workout and you’ll be sure to get majorly fired up.


Remind Yourself of How Great You’ll Feel

If you start to slip into a mindset where you’re dreading your workout or thinking about skipping it, remember just how dang amazing you feel after a good sweat. Try writing in your notes on your phone how you feel after class and reference those words every time you’re losing motivation!


Get motivated for class with these tips and never dread a workout again!