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Nov 8, 2017

Humanity and Hope United: Fighting For Others

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Everyone is a fighter, whether they know it or not. People battle emotions, perceptions, their bodies and more. This means that there is plenty of opportunity to help those who are struggling off the ropes.

And that is where Humanity and Hope United gets in the ring.

Humanity and Hope facilitates the tearing down of walls of division in Honduras. Humanity and Hope does this by improving the economy, education system, infrastructure and leadership in struggling villages.

“We all really have something unique and powerful inside us to make the world a better place,”


Humanity and Hope United President and Co-Founder, Riley Fuller, said. “Until we can help uncover the purpose of the most vulnerable people, their families, communities and countries are missing out.”



Humanity and Hope started just over seven years ago, with one simple mission: to empower people through self-directed, sustainable change.

Just over a month ago TITLE Boxing Club teamed-up with Humanity and Hope to put on a fundraising event with former ABC Bachelor Ben Higgins at a club in Overland Park, Kansas. Higgins is heavily involved with Humanity and Hope and the effort to change the lives of the less fortunate.



The event raised enough to fund 83 days of work for a woman in Honduras. That four-months of opportunity goes a long way toward creating disposable income and household income for a family.

“It’s not the fact that we had an event, it is something that multiples,” Fuller said. “These jobs will help transform these women into powerful, productive assets to their communities. Together with a small contribution we can change lives.”

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Humanity and Hope have a dream to increase the amount of attention given to the education of the Honduran people. Currently the education system is so far behind (it takes 10-years to graduate 6th grade). that top jobs are positions such as hairstylist and tortilla maker, but Fuller would like to see those roles expand to doctor and to lawyer.

“The vision is that we invest the good we have into others,” Fuller said. “People will see others growing into their fullest purpose and be inspired. This will create a cycle of increased productivity and leadership.”



After the event Higgins and Fuller stayed after a power hour to answer questions about Humanity and Hope. It was evident that their passion for helping others inspired participants to not only appreciate what they have, but to understand the fight of others.



To learn more about Humanity and Hope United or to donate to their efforts click here: https://www.humanityandhope.org/

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