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Apr 12, 2017

Meet Katie, Our Newest TITLE Trainer with Heart

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For TITLE Boxing Club trainer Katie Pollock in Cleveland, Ohio, fitness is all about connecting. It’s easy to tell why her classes and the clubs she trains at are so popular for boxing and kickboxing workouts. The members feel cared for, the trainers inspire, and the results are there! Read more to find out what makes Katie our newest TITLE Trainer with Heart!


What is your “why?”

I love to see people get healthy and fit, to see people with a smile on their faces and to help make a small difference in their lives.

I love creating a workout from the warm-up to the rounds to core that is going to give members a challenging, fun Power Hour. I love being around people and I love to sweat with them!



What do you do for your daily dose of motivation?

EXERCISE! If I’m not teaching a class, I’m taking a class. And I love it all: boxing, spinning, yoga. Taking other trainers/instructors classes, no matter what type of exercise format it is, inspires and motivates me to always learn and grow as a trainer.

My family also motivates me. I want to make my two daughters proud and want them to know it’s important to be healthy and to do something you love.

How do you inspire people in your classes?

Be positive! When members walk through the doors into TITLE Boxing Club, you have no idea what kind of day they are having. So my goal every time I teach is to be positive. They came to work hard and I let them know how great they are doing.


Why do you choose TITLE as your vehicle to transform lives?

From the first time I walked into TITLE Boxing Club I knew it was different from every other workout or gym. Yep, boxing is a full body workout like none other but what makes TITLE special is that it’s like family. Our trainers and our members, everyone is a close knit group. The excitement and energy I have every time I teach is because I want to deliver the best class possible to our amazing members and help them reach their fitness goals!

I know many members say TITLE Boxing Club has changed their lives. TITLE has also changed my life, from gaining friends to advancing my fitness career. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

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