April is Stress Awareness Month and we’re honoring it by recognizing how common it is to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. You are not alone, TITLE Fam! So many people experience these feelings so it’s important to have tactics in your toolbox ready to implement when you start to feel stress coming on. Be kind to your mind with these easy ways to relieve stress!


  1. MOVE

Get your body moving and get those endorphins activated! Moving your body and getting some exercise in might feel like a big task when you’re already feeling overwhelmed and uneasy but it’s so worth it. Put on your favorite workout outfit and go on a walk, punch it out on the heavy bag, or try a TITLE Boxing Club On Demand workout. Upon completing a sweat sesh, you’re bound to feel so much better.



Sometimes you just need to talk it out. Call someone you trust, maybe a close friend or family member, and vent about whatever is on your mind. Whatever you’re anxious about will seem a lot worse than it actually is if you keep everything bottled up. It just feels good to get things off your chest!



Utilizing music can be a great way to bring your cortisol levels down. Try turning on the tunes that always make you smile or throw on a playlist packed with calming instrumentals. Whatever your vibe is, put your headphones in, turn it up, and feel the stress melt away.



Social Media can be totally addicting and take up way more time than it should. Delete all your go-to apps for a couple of weeks and spend your free time doing things that make you feel good. You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have left in your day to go on walks in your neighborhood, read the book you’ve meaning to get to for months and have meaningful conversations with the people close to you.



Meditation is not for everyone but many people have found it to be the ultimate stress-reliever. It’s all about clearing your mind and focusing on your breath. You’ll be shocked at how much calmer you feel after a few minutes of mindful meditation.


Dedicate some time to trying out these tips and let us know which ones work for you the best!