I’m so much healthier and I owe it to the people at TITLE Boxing Club Owings Mills.


TITLE Boxing Club Owings Mills member, Steven, is as passionate as they come! About seven months ago he became interested in boxing and eventually found himself walking into our Owings Mills location. “Everyone was just so nice and showed me how to do everything so I was all set for class”, Steven told us. He punched it out at that first class and has been frequenting the club three to four times a week ever since. “That first class was really hard but I just loved it”, he admitted.


At the time when Steven was starting to show interest in the sport, he was experiencing a lack of confidence and a desire to change his lifestyle. “When I started, I could hardly do five pushups…now I can do thirty no problem”, he proclaimed. Now several months into his fitness journey, Steven has demonstrated a dramatic weight loss and a major boost in confidence. “I feel so much better when I leave the club, I leave in a completely different mindset”, he told us.


In addition to enjoying the many physical and mental benefits that have come with the workout, Steven’s love for the community at the Owings Mills location is what really keeps him coming back. He has been able to connect with several trainers that have supported his goals by offering tips and words of encouragement. “My favorite thing about the trainers is how much they push you, it has totally kept me going”, Steven explained.


We have not heard the last of Steven! He plans on continuing his rigorous workout schedule with the TITLE Fam in order to meet more of his fitness goals. He’s even considering giving competitive boxing a shot! “I’m so much healthier and I owe it to the people at TITLE Boxing Club Owings Mills”, he graciously explained. Keep on crushing your goals, Steven!