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Jan 29, 2020

RESULTS of 7 Day TITLE Challenge

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On day four I realized that I had slept super well the night before and my energy levels were higher.


There is nothing quite like taking a TITLE Boxing class in the club, the energy pulsating through the room and the sound of gloves pounding the heavy bag gets me more hyped than a shot of espresso. Though the club is where I prefer to get my workout in, there are days I just don’t have the time or energy to get myself there, but still have the desire to get in a good sweat. For this very reason, I recently gave TITLE Boxing On Demand a try and challenged myself to do it for an entire week. I even recruited my coworker, Taryn, to join me in the fitness endeavor and she, being a far better exerciser than me, decided to do both in-club and On Demand workouts throughout the week. So here’s our chronicled experience of completing seven days of both workouts:

Day 1

Halle: I setup my laptop in my bedroom and began a 30-minute kickboxing video. To my surprise, punching and kicking the air, also known as shadowboxing, for half an hour is HARD! The trainer was super motivating and I though the workout to be very affective.

Taryn: I normally like to start my week off right and go into the club for a 6:00 a.m. workout. Per usual it kicked my butt, especially the core work at the end of class. I love the feeling of accomplishing something hard at the beginning of my day.  My first accomplishment was getting out of bed and going to the class and my second was finishing the class strong.

Day 2

Halle: I woke up sore, everywhere. I was baffled that a quick workout video could affect my entire body like that. I wasn’t feeling 30 minutes of kickboxing so instead I used the playlist feature, where you can compile different videos together so they play one after the other, and added two 10-minute stretching videos and one 15-minute boxing video. It was the perfect combination to get in some movement while not overworking my very achy muscles.

Taryn: I took my first step out of bed and immediately felt the tightness of my muscles. I was especially tight in my hamstrings and arms. I chose to do a Core 7 with Courtney and then finished my workout with a 10 minute stretching session. I don’t normally stretch for 10 minutes but going into 2020 I challenged myself to focus on my recovery as much as my actual workout.

Day 3

Halle: I was feeling good on day three and decided to start off my morning with a 15-minute core video, followed by a 5-minute stretch. It was so unbelievably convenient to just roll out of bed, open my laptop, and get a quick workout done in my pajamas. Then after work, I setup a 45-minute kickboxing workout in the living room and recruited all three of my roommates to join me. It was like having our own mini class at home, they loved it!

Taryn: Today I went back in the club for a lunch class. The 45-minute boxing workout was the perfect thing to alleviate some of the stress I was feeling and helped reenergize me after a busy morning. I noticed there were a few defensive moves I wasn’t picking up on in class, so when I got home from work I watched one of the technique videos on the On Demand App and immediately felt more confident about the moves.

Day 4

Halle: On day four I realized that I had slept super well the night before and my energy levels were higher. I began the day with 15 minutes of core, followed by a 20-minute speed and agility video. I was beginning to look forward to my evening workouts at home too. I ended the day with another 30-minute kickboxing video, followed by 30 minutes of boxing. At this point, I was really starting to love my routine.

Taryn: I like to get a little extra sleep on Thursday mornings because I coach volleyball on Wednesday nights and don’t get home until after 10 PM. This morning I woke up to a text from a coworker checking in to see if I wanted to go to another noon class. I’m not one to back down from a challenge so I agreed and then decided to do another 10 minute stretching class while my coffee brewed to help ease some of the soreness out of my tight muscles. The class was packed and the high-energy trainer kept me going through the final round. My arms felt like noodles in the final round but I pushed through and finished strong. Watching the technique videos really helped my confidence and execution when the trainer yelled out new combinations.

Day 5

Halle: I jumped right out of bed on day 5. I didn’t feel sluggish or lethargic, and I didn’t even press snooze! I started the morning off with a 30-minute boxing video and went about the rest of my day feeling accomplished and alert. My usual evening video schedule was interrupted by a friend’s birthday dinner, so once I got to her house, I did a quick 15-minute core video on my phone in her bedroom before everyone arrived. The dedication was REAL!

Taryn: Waking up I could feel my sore muscles protesting even the slightest movement. Even though it hurt I was proud of myself for all the work I had put in this week. I could feel myself getting a little bit more flexible and could feel a change in my attitude. Since I had an early morning appointment to get to before work, I chose to do an at home 30 minute boxing workout. I went in confident that I would breeze through the workout but shadow boxing is no joke. It is a great workout and I was definitely winded by the end. I took five minutes to do a focused stretch and then I was off to get ready for my appointment.

Day 6

Halle: To my surprise, despite indulging in a cocktail or two at my friend’s birthday dinner the night before, I woke up feeling good. So good that I got right into a 45 minute kickboxing video and crushed it. I hadn’t worked out on a Saturday in… ever. The convenience made it so easy; there was absolutely no excuse!

Taryn: Normally, I like to try and go into the club for a class on Saturdays but this weekend I was out of town so I grabbed my laptop and did a quick 20-minute strength video in the hotel gym. I finished with a 5-minute core video and 5-minute stretching video. It was tough but it felt good to be on track with my fitness regimen even though I was out of town.

Day 7

Halle: I had finally made it to the last day and I was feeling amazing! I finished my challenge with two stretching videos because it was Sunday and I felt like my body needed a rest. The results were far beyond what I expected. I was having the best sleep of my life, I was motivated to eat healthier, and I had done more consecutive workouts than I had ever done before.

Taryn: Taking it easy on Sunday I went for a walk with my dog and then did a 10-minute stretching video. I also watched a couple technique classes on different punches to make sure I was ready for my next class. I loved the ease and convenience of the On Demand App. While I would love to go to 5-6 boxing classes a week I am not quite there yet physically. Right now 3-4 classes a week in the club is perfect and now that I have On Demand to supplement workouts and my recovery I feel like I am finding my workout grove in 2020.

The best part of this app is the convenience, it fits every lifestyle and that’s what we love about it. It won’t replace our club workouts, because there’s nothing better than getting to hit the bag surrounded by a sea of the most amazing members you can imagine. We’ll continue to use the app for morning workouts and on days we’re not able to make it to the club. In a perfect world, we would get to the club for all our workouts, but as we all know this is not a perfect world. Life happens and plans get interrupted, so we adapt. Find a workout schedule that fits your lifestyle and challenge yourself to 7 consecutive days of it, you can do it, we know you can!


Stay motivated,

Halle O’Neill & Taryn Cochran



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