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Mar 29, 2018

Self-Care is not Selfish

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April is Stress Awareness month and rightfully so! It’s tax season, the weather can’t make up it’s mind, schedules are getting busier and we’re feeling pressure to get our “summer bod” ready in a few weeks. As a society, Americans are busy and overwhelmed. It’s naturally become our way of life over time.

When the concept of “self-care” started becoming a topic of conversation, it was controversial. The idea that we would take time for ourselves when we have so many responsibilities and people depending on us was deemed selfish. At TITLE Boxing Club, we’re hitting that label with our strongest combo. 

We believe that when you’re at your best, others around you notice and will feel the effects of your light shining bright.  

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“Self-Care” isn’t constricted to appearance-based improvements or treatments. Self-care is about doing something that makes you a better, stronger and more confident person. If a weekly pedicure makes you feel your best, than that’s your self-care. If reading a book on the porch with the sun shining is when you feel bliss and contentment, that’s your self-care. 

For a lot of us at TITLE Boxing Club, and for our members, self-care is hitting the heavy bag. We’ve been told our whole lives that we can’t hit things. Being able to take your stress out in a healthy manner on the heavy bag (no sparring) releases a ton of endorphins. 

Self-care is about doing something that makes you a better, stronger and more confident person.


Picture this with us for a moment… It’s round 5 and you’re thinking, “I have three more rounds and core left the workout” when you hear your favorite song come on. The trainer calls out a new combination and you hit the bag to the beat of the music. You’re totally in sync this round! The sound of your gloves hitting the bag, the beat of the music, the trainer encouraging you and the chains on the heavy bags are rattling in the background. Next thing you know, the round is done. You look to your right, fist bump your neighbor and you both crack a smile knowing you’re crushing it together

You’re relieving stress and you’re proud of your hard work. It’s your time and TITLE Boxing Club is your club. These are the moments that our members experience every class, every day and with every member of the TITLE Fam along with them. Our members are taking the time to make themselves a little better, a little stronger and a little more empowered for themselves and their loved ones. 

Self-care, is not selfish.


Self-care is taking a little time to show yourself that you’re worth it – and you are! In a world of negativity and stress, what’s more important than showing yourself and others that you’re valued?  

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