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Oct 10, 2017

How to Tell Your Workouts Are Paying Off

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Consistency is the most important factor in fitness, whether you’re just starting out or have been making healthier choices for a while now. There are so many ways you’re improving with every workout that you might not even realize.

Here’s how you can tell you’re killing it with your fitness progress:

The only person you should be making a lifestyle change for is yourself. Making that decision is one of the most important ones you can make. It’s going to take dedication and motivation.

Consistency can be hard because of the desire for immediate results. Results fuel motivation to keep going. Once you start seeing all your hard work in the gym and the kitchen paying off, you’ll be so motivated to keep going!

We see results within ourselves before others see it, but they will notice! They’ll notice your effort during workouts, your dedication when you’re out to eat and make a healthy choice and that will inspire them to want to join your healthy lifestyle.

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Is there any better feeling after weeks of hard work when you hear those four magic words, “Have you lost weight?” HIIT workouts, like TITLE Boxing Club classes, are highly effective for weight loss. You increase your speed, power, endurance and metabolic rate, which burns fat.

It takes about a month to get into a routine. Hang in there, because once you do, you’ll love how awesome working out feels! TITLE Boxing Club challenged our members to do 31 workouts in 31 days in August. We’re so proud of how many members crushed that challenge and made it happen! Chances are you don’t even realize how strong you are, so push yourself to be better and stronger every day.

Your hard work will show physically, but also in the details. Keep track of your quantitative results. Don’t focus on the scale, but weigh yourself at the beginning and throughout your journey to track your efforts.

Be proud of yourself when you can complete all of the active rest sessions in your TITLE Boxing Club class, hit the heavy bag a little farther than you could before and when you crush core at the very end of class.

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