Sure, TITLE Boxing Club has side effects, but these are the feel-good, can’t-get-enough-of-it side effects that are actually good for you! We asked our TITLE loyalists, and these are the top ten side effects you can expect from a regular boxing or kickboxing routine.

  1. Increased Core Strength — It isn’t just jabs and crosses that get you sweating; that last 15 minutes of class is a true struggle because it is building your awesome core! Abdominal strength isn’t just a shredded six-pack of abs (even though, wow!), but the stronger your core gets, the more stable your body becomes. You will get through the workouts easier, and over time, a strong core can even take daily stress off of your back!
  2. Stronger Muscles — All of the three signature classes (30, 60, and 75 minute) are all power-packed and designed to build your muscle strength. This does not just mean arms and shoulders. It means everything: lower body, upper body and core – and you get stronger!
  3. More Calories Burned — Our workout can burn up to 1,000 calories. Don’t believe it? With a mix of speed and power hitting on the heavy bag, your body is working at an increased rate and after an hour, they just melt away. Remember: it’s not sweat, it’s fat crying.
  4. Feeling of “Leg Day” — Even though you get that full body workout in, there is a lot of “leg day” going on.  But who doesn’t love to show off all of that hard work?! All of the jump squats and staying on your ropes is paying off, so keep it up!
  5. Tougher Biceps — Along with your defined legs, your arms are looking pretty amazing too! From now on, regardless of the temperature outside, you’ll feel empowered to show off your incredible arms in the gym and out.
  6. Better Workout Swag — Another amazing thing about TITLE Boxing Club is all of the cool gear! You get to wear your favorite shirts, tanks, and workout bottoms all over the place!  Stylish, colorful, and up to the latest trends, we have your backs (literally) when it comes to gear. On another note, how cool is it to get to wear actual boxing gloves?!
  7. Increase in Confidence — Looking great, feeling great, and getting to that physical level you have been striving for is an amazing confidence boost! Way to go, you rock! Keep up that hard work and strut what you have been working so hard at to achieve.
  8. The After Burn – The after burn you feel from the workouts are saying, “this actually works.”  When you get the after burn feeling, it continues to burn calories and fat even after you have stopped working out!
  9. Boost in Happiness — We have heard from a lot of you that you enjoy the workouts because they help reduce stress. As you strike those stress-filled punches and kicks into the bag, you leave feeling better and so much happier. Don’t let stress kick you when you are down, take it in to the club and let it all out!
  10. More Energy – Even when you’ve had a long, hard day and the last thing you want to do is workout, TITLE Boxing Club leaves you with more energy than you thought you had left in you! You can thank the endorphins that get released during the intensity of the workout.