If you haven’t tried our TITLE On-Demand workouts yet then you’re seriously missing out! Our digital platform was designed for people that can’t always make it to the club for an in-person class. The best part is you can do the workouts anytime AND anywhere. So, in honor of Stress Awareness Month, we’re spotlighting the most stress-relieving classes on TITLE Boxing Club On Demand.

Boxing 30 with Courtney 

This is the perfect class for a post-workday sweat sesh. In just half an hour, you’ll get your body warmed up, shadowbox for four rounds and work on your core. Punch it out with impressively energized Courtney and be prepared to feel AMAZING afterward.

Strength 15 with Taylor 

Taylor will get your heart rate up QUICK with fifteen minutes of weighted exercises. You can expect to engage your arms, legs, back and core while enjoying Taylor’s positive tone and words of encouragement. Working such a variety of muscles will leave you with the endorphin rush you didn’t know you needed.

30 Min Low Impact Sculpt 

Check out one of our brand new workouts from the BoxUnion collection! You’ll feel the stress melt away with this amazing total body strength and toning class, designed to make you feel the burn without being high-intensity.

Core 7 with Sarah 

If you’re looking for a small but mighty workout then look no further! Sarah will lead you through the most effective seven-minute core sequence you’ve ever done. You’ll stretch your upper and lower body while working all sections of your abdomen. This is perfect for anyone needing a fast stress-relieving workout during a lunch break!

30 Min Low Impact Bag 

This quick but effective workout is also from the new BoxUnion collection! Get your sweat on while still feeling super zen with this versatile class that can be done with or without a heavy bag.