Your boxing gloves are everything. A literal extension of your own body, capable of transforming your day from bad to better, from exhausted to exhilarated. Your gloves deserve the same pampered, fresh and clean feeling after a workout that you give yourself. After all, sweaty things become very, very stinky things over time. Here’s how to properly clean them and your wraps after a workout.

Cleaning Your Gloves

After every class, take your gloves out of your gym bag so they can air out. If you don’t think they need to be fully washed, you can wipe the inside with a dry paper towel and leave them to air out by a window, or use a hair dryer on a low, cool setting to dry the inside. If the situation is getting a little funky in your gloves, you need to clean them with an anti-bacterial solution of half vinegar and half water. Just dab a bit on a paper towel clean the insides and outside of your gloves using the solution. Then, you can dry them using the same blow dryer technique mentioned above, or airing them out by a window. We’ve even seen people use a shoe drying rack to thoroughly dry their gloves.

Cleaning Your Wraps

After every class, throw your wraps in the washer with your regular clothes using a garment bag. After the wash cycle, throw the same garment bag with your wraps right into the dryer. You can wash multiple wraps at once in a garment bag. Wrap them up after they come out of the dryer and when you unroll them to wrap your hands next time, they’ll be oh-so-fresh! Never use wet wraps during class – whether they are wet from the wash or wet from yesterday’s power hour (ew!). This is a breeding ground for bacteria and more stinkiness!

Quick List of Do Not’s

  • Don’t Febreze your wraps or gloves
  • Don’t wash non-washable gloves
  • Don’t use any harsh chemical based cleaners
  • Don’t soak your gloves in water
  • Don’t share gloves with anyone
  • Don’t keep unwashed gloves or wraps in your gym bag
  • Don’t store your used wraps inside your gloves