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Feb 15, 2017

Trainer with Heart Spotlight: Dynamite Edwards

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What is your “why” in life?

My faith in God that motivates me to be the best version of myself in every area.

What is your daily routine?

Upon awakening I listen to motivational videos and perform my daily affirmations in the mirror. We have a reticular activating system that is most impressionable right before we go to sleep and when we first wake up. I do this to prepare myself to be phenomenal and to make each experience I have with anyone the best experience of their day.

How do you inspire people in class?

I consider myself the interrupter. I constantly bombard them with positive affirmations to interrupt the negatives thoughts they tell themselves. I introduce them to their greatness and once that is done the transformation begins.


Why did you choose TITLE Boxing Club as your vehicle to transform lives?

I didn’t choose TITLE Boxing Club, TITLE Boxing Club chose me. After dealing with the death of my mother and brother in a seven month span I found myself in a deep depression and a friend of mine suggested I buy two weeks of boxing off of Groupon because he knew I boxed for 12 years and thought it may help me get out my funk. When I took my first class, during round one after annihilating the hand pads, the General Manager at the time offered me a trainer position. That was four years ago.



My purpose is to make each environment I enter better and to inspire the world starting with one person at a time.


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