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Jun 6, 2018

Trainer Spotlight: Isaiah

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Trainer Spotlight: Isaiah

Energetic, positive, and intense… Those are the words that best describe our trainer Isaiah.

If you are from the Kansas City area and have not taken a class with him, it is a MUST! Isaiah’s classes are fast-paced and full-body from your legs to your shoulders. You will love his energy and encouragement. He’s guaranteed to make sure you have THE BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY in his class.

Isaiah started training at TITLE Boxing Club in August of 2016, and he instantly fell in love with the TITLE community and energy. “Even if I’m having a bad day, as soon as I start teaching my mood changes instantly. I feel inspired and energized when I come to TITLE,” said Isaiah.

Besides being a trainer at TITLE Boxing Club, Isaiah is also a professional boxer (one of the reasons why his classes are so great). His knowlege and experience in the boxing world bring a lot to the classes. He’s been the N.A.B.C. Champion and I.B.C. World Boxing Champion as well.

Isaiah is an inspiration in person. You know when you can see passion through other people’s eyes? Isaiah is one of those!

“I feel inspired and energized when I come to TITLE.”


Isaiah’s Q&A:


Who inspires you? Why?: LIFE inspires me. Motivation is everywhere, you just need to be willing to see it. Even the little kids’ movies inspire me! It’s all about perspective!

Favorite quote: “The work nobody sees often becomes the outcome nobody expects”.

Personal mantra: Conquer the Change.

Training style: Energetic

My why: To teach and train people in the fine art of boxing. To connect people to a sport that is often misunderstood.

What gives me my fighting spirit: Watching people change and grow, in boxing and in life. We are all fighting to live, be heard, express ourselves and thrive in all things.

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