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Mar 26, 2019

Working Out with Intention

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“Intentions are like magnets; the more we declare them, believe in them, and act in ways to manifest them, the more powerful and real they become.”

When you think about “Intention,” what comes to mind? It’s probably the phrase we all (over) use, “I had good intentions.” 

If your “intention” for 2019 was to make a change in your life that left you feeling healthier, stronger and more empowered – you’re at the right place! In order to meet those goals for yourself, you’ll need to set your goals and stay committed to them. This doesn’t mean harsh diets or overworking yourself. This means setting aside the time and dedication to do this for yourself. Time is the most valuable thing we have. When you dedicate time to yourself to work on your goals, you’re confirming that you know you’re worth it. You are worth an hour a day dedicated to yourself and your goals. You’re worth feeling better. You’re worth having more energy. You’re worth seeing your own strength come out physically and mentally. 

First, start by setting the intention right now that you are worth it. We know the strength that’s inside every single one of you. Our intention is to bring that out so you can see it – so you can see how amazing it is, how amazing you are. 

Next, let’s talk about how you set the intention for your workouts every time. We’re sharing three tips to have the best workouts ever. 

  1. Always practice GRATITUDE: When you practice gratitude, your whole mindset will shift. You’ll feel the effects of that physically. Think about all of the things you’re grateful for that are leading you to this workout. Your strong legs that brought you to the club. Your healthy heart that workouts with you every class. 
  2. Always BELIEVE in yourself: From the moment you step into the club to begin your workout, believe that you are strong enough to complete anything this workout throws your way. If there’s a move you aren’t quite strong enough to complete, modify. Modifying a move isn’t a failure, it’s a step to success. 
  3. Always have FUN: Even during the hardest workouts, have fun! Take a moment to dance a little bit to the music. Mess up on a combination? Laugh it off and keep going. Work out with a friend and challenge each other to be better. Another fun thing about working out is seeing results! That might sound odd, but the stronger you get, the harder you hit the bag, the faster you complete the combo, the physical and mental changes you see – it’s really fun!

Our 2019 intention at TITLE Boxing Club is devoted to helping people feel their best. No matter what battle you’re facing in life, if you’re needing extra motivation or something to feel passionate about again, TITLE is the place for you. 

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