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Apr 24, 2018

Success Story | Kathy

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This month, TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church, VA wants to give a huge shout out to Kathy for her success. Kathy has been with TITLE Boxing Club for over 2 years and has been an extremely dedicated member. By attending our kickboxing and boxing classes, she has not only changed her body, but she has transformed her mind as well. TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church, VA is not just a boxing gym. We are a fitness facility that encourages our members to push themselves to their limits through boxing techniques. Our trainers are experienced in many different fitness areas, and that that translates into the workout that you receive. We strive to incorporate cardio, strength, core and high intensity routines into each of the classes. Kathy has experienced the workouts first hand. Thank you Kathy for being a part of our TITLE Boxing Falls Church, VA family!

I signed up because my daughter who was 12 at the time wanted to try boxing. I was going to drop her off but I decided to try it with her and I was hooked ever since. I used to go to a normal gym and I never had results likes this. I even had a trainer but she eventually left. When I did other classes by the time I would do a move they would be moving on. Here it’s just 6 punches. And to top it off, nothing has ever made me sweat like this. For any future members, don’t be intimidated. Just try it. It’s easy to pick up.

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