James Hughes Success

TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church, VA is highlighting the success of James Hughes this month! James has shown tremendous perseverance and passion when it comes to his fitness and health. After tearing his achilles due to a sports injury, James went through a recovery period in which he had reconstructive surgery and gained 40 lbs. James ended up joining TITLE and our trainers came alongside him to support his recovery.

At TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church, VA, we use a boxer’s workout to enhance the body and to change our members mentality when it comes to fitness. We encourage our members to challenge themselves  by providing  a full body workout that incorporates different techniques, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, core, and strength. Our trainers even go a step further by offering one-on-one private training sessions. During these sessions, our experienced trainers will not intimidate, but inspire you to become the champion of your life. They will drive your body to limits that help accelerate results. After leaving our workouts at TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church, VA, you will become obsessed with the feeling that your body can now do things that you didn’t know it could. James is a member who has bought into this mentality and has used our techniques to improve his health and find his strength. Here is what James Hughes has to say about his success story:

“I completely tore my achilles tendon due to a sports injury, had a reconstructive surgery, and put on 40 pounds because of being immobile for 2 months for recovery. After a couple months of rehab, my physical therapist gave me the okay to start doing some light workouts. I did a free class with TITLE and realized that a lot of the movements were exactly the same as my physical therapy. I started to come in at least once a day everyday, sometimes twice. I lost the 40 pounds in 4 months and my physical therapist and surgeon were amazed at how quickly I progressed after surgery. I couldn’t have done it without TITLE.”

James, we are proud of you for pushing forward and reaching your goals. Thanks for being such an awesome member of the TITLE fam!