Richard Scott Lobato is here to #breakthestigma during Mental Health Awareness Month. Our members
come to the gym to help improve their physical and mental wellness. Richard has experienced both after
boxing regularly.

“I was introduced to boxing by my cousin Sylvia. She seemed to know boxing was what I needed. I had
been struggling in my personal life and slowly dealing with symptoms of depression. One day about 8
months ago she dragged me into a class and I have been hooked ever since.

I have dropped some weight and feel stronger every day, which is great, but the real growth I have seen is
in my self-confidence, and that is because of my TITLE family. I am able to more easily step out of my
comfort zone and have gone from a “not sure if I can” attitude to a “let’s do this!” attitude.

With my renewed self-confidence, I have made major changes in my personal life and am looking forward
to a positive future. I will be forever grateful to Sylvia for getting me there and the TITLE trainers and
members for the constant encouragement and motivation. It has been truly life-changing.”
Richard Scotty Lobato