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Jul 3, 2017

Shannon Moore

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Never would I have thought that I would fall in love with boxing.  I tried TITLE Boxing Club with a friend when they first opened up but the timing wasn’t right for me and I thought I’d never go back. Last year, I gave it another try and joined on the spot and I’ve been at it ever since. I can tell I’m so much stronger then when I first started. It’s a great workout and great stress reliever.

My day is always better when I start it at TITLE Boxing Club. The trainers are great because they are all so different but they always push me to do my best and can tell when I need an extra nudge. And they notice if you haven’t been to class in a while so it motivates you to get in there regularly. It’s always good to get a tough workout in and then have a quick chat with other members or the staff. So glad I decided to give TITLE Boxing Club a chance. It has definitely changed my life.

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