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Dec 22, 2017

“When we start something for personal reasons, it becomes who we are”

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Meet Jared Deahr. Jared joined our TITLE Boxing Club Iowa City family earlier this year.  Here is what he had to say about his progress.

“I joined TITLE Boxing Club March 1st of 2017.  All my youth I was very involved in athletics and enjoyed feeling fit. I found myself, like many of us, becoming less active as I got older. Before knowing it, I was weighing 217 lbs and at 34 years old, my knees felt shot. I knew I had to do something and have the self discipline to change my life.

I found TITLE by chance and almost did not join after my First Shot Free Class. I am so thankful and glad I joined! TITLE is the perfect combination of exercise, weight lifting (using body-weight exercises) and sport that I have been looking for, just did not know it. I am in some of the greatest shape of my life, my knees no longer ache and I just fell great in all ways possible (also down 48 lbs).  I quickly realized that when we start something for personal reasons, it becomes who we are.

I owe it to the amazing trainers and staff that keep you engaged and treat you like a family member. It makes the workout fun, when you know you have support from everyone, including the great members I have made friends with. I can not thank IB, Jessie and all the staff at TITLE Boxing Club enough for this great place.  This is now my daily routine and will always be my lifestyle”

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