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Jul 14, 2017

Fight to Live

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Fight to live

Success Story

Fight to live, you are probably thinking that is a ridiculous headline, after all everyone lives.  But you would be wrong, not everyone lives, some people just exist.

I am one of those people who just existed, until I became part of the TITLE Boxing Club Family.  I have been fighting a battle with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem for most of my life.  I have learned how to put on “the face” and be the person everyone expected me to be.  I have learned to bottle up all of the emotions that go along with a daily struggle just to get out of bed and do “normal” things, I got to the point where I didn’t let myself feel anything at all.  I was invisible and I was okay with that.  But, in October of 2015, something popped the cork in my bottle and I became consumed with rage, the only emotion I seemed to feel.  I began looking for a safe and physical outlet to release that anger, that’s when I found TITLE Boxing Club.

From the phone call I made to schedule my first shot, I knew TITLE was a different kind of fitness center.  Co-Owner Kim Campbell and I discussed our heart issues and she eased my concerns of how boxing would affect me.  She told me she couldn’t wait to meet me.  I walked in for my first shot and saw nothing but helpful, smiling faces.  The trainers learned my name my very first class and haven’t forgotten it since.  They taught me not just how to wrap my hands, throw punches, use defense and to throw kicks – they taught me to have courage, to take chances, to believe in myself, to persevere and to trust others to help me.

When I say I became part of the TITLE Boxing Club Family, there is truly no other way to describe it.  I am not just a member of TITLE Boxing Club, I matter.  I am cared about. I am no longer invisible.  I’m not just a passing thought, a name on a bank account, I am an important part of the family.  When I am absent for a while, I get Facebook messages from trainers and the owners.  When I am coming in more frequently, I am greeted with hugs, words of encouragement and even offers to call me daily to get me into the club when my motivation wanes.

I have never really felt like I fit in, or that my presence or absence was noticed (outside of my family) until I joined TITLE Boxing Club. The truly unconditional love I am shown there has transformed my mindset to believing that I matter, that I’m worth it, that I deserve to live and not just exist.

Boxing has not only helped me change my body as I’ve lost weight but it has changed my heart, my spirit and my mindset.  Because of my TITLE Boxing Club Family at TITLE Boxing Club of Lexington, I now have the courage, strength and motivation to fight to live.

My new tattoo is the word “fight” with a semicolon for the “I” and a boxing glove for the “g”. Boxing has truly saved me. It saved me from a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle. It saved me from myself while I was in my deepest, darkest depression. It saved me from loneliness by giving me my TITLE Boxing Family. It has reminded me what happiness feels like. Boxing, specifically TITLE Boxing Club of Lexington, has given me the strength and courage to Fight to Live.

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