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Nov 8, 2016

I’m addicted to hitting a heavy bag!

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The changes I have seen as a member at TITLE Boxing Club have been tremendous. I have seen physical changes such as weight loss, smaller clothing sizes, and muscle development – yes I have muscles! But, most importantly, I feel physically stronger, more centered, and less stressed. Not only am I addicted to the physical exertion required of TITLE Boxing Club’s classes, but I am also hooked on the mental workout provided by the emphasis placed on technique.

People are often surprised when I tell them that I enjoy boxing (those that know me well are less surprised!), but that is the appealing thing about the TITLE community; they welcome everyone independent of fitness level and goals. Having found traditional gyms quite intimidating, I felt instantly at home at TITLE, squashing any notions of feeling like a spectacle when I struggled through my first few weeks of workouts. When I first started I could not do a sit-up, press-up, or plank. Now, not only can I do all of those things (I’m not saying how many or how long I can plank for as that is still a work in progress!), but I am constantly surprised at what my body is capable of, and the physical strength I have developed. I enjoy hitting the heavy bag, but some of my most favorite experiences at TITLE revolve around having one-on-one instruction from the amazing trainers (you know who you are!) TITLE Boxing Club has become an instrumental part of my daily routine.

Beyond the obvious benefits of better health, confidence, and stress-relief, learning about the sport of boxing and challenging myself to try more intense and new things has been empowering (the serious test of endurance that three minute rounds on mitts provides is no joke- thanks Slater!) However, I do want to emphasize that my experience at TITLE is largely related to the great team of people that work there, whether they are giving me tips on work-outs, equipment, or supplemental exercises (Alison you are the best!), just inquiring as to how my day has been, strongly suggesting that I should step-it-up during class, or even making cheeky comments when I am grumpy (quite often) or don’t understand what has been said (happens a lot as I am blind as a bat without my glasses, and I am from England and despite popular belief things can get very lost in translation!) I have also met some really interesting and great people who are TITLE members, some of whom have become really good friends beyond the gym. So, when people talk about the TITLE community, it is not a gross exaggeration tossed around for promotional purposes rather, it is a very real and tangible truth that, for me, makes working out less of a chore and something I look forward to doing.