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Jan 8, 2019

Josie’s Success Story

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title boxing club liberty township member of the month josieLocated in between Middleton and Hamilton, OH, TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township, OH isn’t just a boxing gym – it’s a lifestyle. Our members approach their boxing combinations with determination and persistence, hitting the heavy bag and finding their inner strength. With jab, cross, hook combinations and cardio training, our members transform their bodies, build their strength, and boost their confidence. Whatever life throws at them, our TITLE Boxing Club members in Liberty Township, OH have the grit they need to conquer it each challenge.

title boxing club member josie at title

We are happy to announce that TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township, OH’s January member of the month is Josie Rader! Not only is Josie a dedicated member of our boxing club, but she is inspiring as well. Josie works incredibly hard during every classshe takes and has gained so much strength during her time at TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township, OH, and coupled with a good diet, she has transformed her body as you see in the pictures. She is such a positive presence in the club and her smile is infectious. We couldn’t have chosen a better person to start 2019 of right! Josie’s celebratory class will be Saturday, January 19th at 8:30am! Mark your calendars now! Let’s get to know Josie a little better…

I grew up on a farm in southeastern Ohio. I met my husband, Cody, in the 6th grade. We have been together for eleven years (married for 5)! We attended Miami University and graduated in 2014, and then went on to graduate school. I am a Health Promotion Specialist at Community First Solutions in Hamilton and Cody is a Pharmacist at West Chester Hospital. We love Jesus, our family, and our three doggies. In 2012, I founded a ministry called Faith & Fitness as a reflection of my own fitness journey. I desired to keep Jesus at the center of my workouts, so I thought it would be fun to help others have that too! This year, Faith & Fitness became a nonprofit organization in the state of Ohio! We reach hundreds of lives in several locations and we hope to expand.

title boxing club member josie liberty townshipI decided to try TITLE with my sister and husband last summer and I fell in love with it. I have been teaching cardio kickboxing since 2012, so I knew I would love making contact with a bag. It was SO DIFFERENT, but it was a challenge I wanted to keep trying. Since joining Title, I am the healthiest and strongest version of myself. The world constantly tells me that I am small, skinny, and tiny…but I know God tells me that I am mighty…and I feel that way when I am hitting the bag. I use Title as “me” time, since I teach 18 classes a week between my career and running a nonprofit (crazy)!!

I believe filling others with joy is what I am called to do. Although my days seem busy, they are really just filled with so many beautiful people. I am happy to serve the people around me. I love what I do! “Choose Joy” is something I live by, because I believe the world could use some more positive light. I am so thankful for TITLE! This place has changed my life, makes me feel powerful, and fills my heart with so much joy. I am honored to be member of the month for a brand new year! Here’s to 2019…I’m going to hit it hard!


This member bought into the TITLE mindset, and now, she’s accomplishing her goals as well as sharing her encouragement with the TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township, OH community. Thank you, Josie, for being such an awesome member of the TITLE fam!

Are you interested in finding a gym where you can try boxing near West Chester Township? Call 513-844-8900 today or sign up for a TITLE class online!

TITLE heavy bags

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