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Aug 8, 2018

Member of the Month | Lloyd Hudson

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Member Spotlight - Lloyd

Struggles with weight can be extremely difficult; however, once you step into TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township, OH, we make it easier. With a supportive staff and trainers, reaching your goals doesn’t seem nearly as impossible as it did before. TITLE Boxing Club focuses on building strength through the mind and the body. Our high-intensity interval training workouts teach you how to overcome fatigue and weakness. Every hit/kick to the bag, sit up, squat, and weight that you lift brings you closer to achieving your inner greatness. When you are feeling that you have nothing more to give, we are behind you to push you further. Sculpt your body, strengthen your mind, and burn calories all at the same time. TITLE Boxing Club isn’t just about building a fitness community, we are about building a fitness family.

This month, TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township is excited to spotlight one of our most influential members, Lloyd Hudson. Lloyd is a great example of a member that has hit his goals and has believed in the system that we have built. Here is what Lloyd  has to say about his experience with TITLE Boxing Club Liberty Township:

Hello TITLE Friends!

I am originally from Augusta, Georgia, but have lived in Ohio for most of my life. I am a graduate of Sycamore High School and Wittenberg University where I studied Psychology and Business. Outside of boxing, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife, two boys (ages 3 & 6), and our new baby girl who was born on 4/30/18.

My fitness journey began approximately two years ago when I moved back to Cincinnati after accepting a new position with my company. At this point in time of my life, I had no discipline in terms of diet or athletic training. Before I knew it, I became extremely overweight and out of shape. Between working and being a father of two (at the time), I found a lot of excuses for not improving my personal health.

The turning point for me was looking through family pictures and realizing that my children had only seen a father that was overweight throughout their lives. I wanted to set a better example for my children by living a healthier and fit lifestyle.

I joined TITLE Boxing Club in pursuit of a cardiovascular regimen that would challenge me physically and help me be accountable, while being fun at the same time. I found exactly what I was looking for! What I appreciate most about being a member at TITLE is the relationships that I have built with so many great people. Since joining TITLE, I have lost 80lbs. While I still have some lofty fitness goals, I am extremely proud of my progress and grateful to be selected as member of the month.


Thank you, Lloyd for being such an awesome TITLE member! We’re thrilled that you are achieving your goals, and we’re excited to continue supporting you in your fitness journey!

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