Title Boxing Club

Nov 3, 2016

From Couch to Heavy Bag… Literally!

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TITLE Boxing Club is more than just a workout…it changed my life completely. I have always heard that exercise had to be a change of lifestyle in order to be successful. I believe this. In the past, I was never able to commit to a consistent work out regime. No other workout ever excited me enough to stick with it. Until I found TITLE Boxing Club McKinney!

I have fought a weight battle my entire life. I have never been a small person.  My weight has gone up and down, time and time again. I drifted from one fad workout to another until I quit working out all together. Kids, husband, work, and life in general always seemed to get in the way of exercise. Couple that with bad eating habits and I woke up to find myself at a whopping 326 pounds. Not a good place to be in. Not an easy place to come back from.

I took my first TITLE Power Hour at 5:30am on a Friday, under the cover of darkness, in the hopes that no other person would be there. From that very first class it changed the way I looked at exercise. I went back the next morning for a  9:00am boxing class.  And that was it.  I was hooked!

I found myself feeling better every time I walked in the door. Before I knew it, I felt stronger and more positive about myself. I was having so much fun that it hardly felt like work…it was more like a treat I gifted myself at the end of my work day. Four and a half years later,  it is still the gift I give myself every single day.  Everyone from the desk staff to the trainers are so supportive and encouraging. They want you to succeed! They expect you to succeed!

The greatest thing about TITLE Boxing Club, in my opinion, is this workout is for everyone. Every person that walks through the door can do this workout. At 326 pounds I would never have thought I could complete a Power Hour, but I did it! It is tough and I am not the fastest or the strongest, but I keep showing up and I get better with every class. The trainers make sure of it.  I have shed over 150 pounds at TITLE and am in the best shape of my life.

Starting a workout routine of any kind is so hard, especially when you out weigh most of the men in class. Finding a place that accepts you is really great, but finding a place that not only accepts you but wants you is beyond fantastic. That is what I found at TITLE Boxing Club McKinney and that is the reason I continue to fight my battle on the heavy bag every day. We inspire each other to Hit It Hard in everything we do. Living TITLE Strong is how I live every day!