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If being the champion of your own life has brought you joy or opened your eyes to your own power – tell us how TITLE helped you find your joy!

Physical results reflect the dedication and commitment you made to yourself when you joined TITLE – share your journey to your healthiest you!

"We're a team pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves in those power hours. Yet, we come from so many unique walks of life to form a strong, fierce, and supportive community of people. That's why I love TITLE Boxing Club!"  Emily, TITLE Boxing Club Danvers

We are on the hunt for the best members stories and personal journeys with TITLE. 

We're looking for members to share their stories of transformation, joy and results with us for a chance to WIN one of our national prizes. If being a member at TITLE Boxing Club has made you stronger, happier and more empowered, we want to hear from you!

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