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June 28, 2022

The 5 Best Stretches for Kickboxing

While stretching is important before and after any boxing or kickboxing workout at TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Green Hills, a lower body stretching routine is especially critical for your success in kickboxing. The speed and power when throwing any type of kick come from your hips and your legs. Improving your flexibility, developing a strong base for good balance, and properly letting your muscles recover by reducing soreness, will all improve your kickboxing skills and help you get the most out of your kickboxing classes.

Here are our top 5 stretches for kickboxers:

  1. Standing Straddle Stretch – this stretch opens the inside of your thighs, so you can kick higher and harder.
  2. Crossover Stretch – you’ll feel this stretch in your outer thigh and hip muscles. Hip mobility is needed for proper kickboxing form and swift kicks.
  3. Sumo Stretch – you’ll feel this one in your groin, thighs, and back. Start in a comfortable sumo squat and challenge your flexibility by seeing how far you can drive your knees apart from one another.
  4. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – this is another great stretch for your hip flexors. Good hip mobility keeps you balanced and takes the pressure off your lower back when throwing your kicks.
  5. Toe Turn Stretch – this stretch brings in kickboxing fundamentals by mimicking how your rotation should be when throwing a roundhouse kick.

Learn how to perform these stretches correctly with TITLE Boxing Club Master Coach, Chris Gerhardt in this step-by-step video:

Take your kickboxing workouts to the next level by adding these lower body stretches into your daily fitness routine.

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