Here at TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Green Hills, we not only want to motivate you to hit your goals, but we also want to give you the tools to do so. Our boxing fitness gym, located near you, provides any member with access to free weights, kettlebells, punching bags, and our most important asset – coaches/trainers. Our club trainers have experience and specialize in different techniques such as kickboxing, boxing, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu. We incorporate these different techniques to provide you with a full-body workout that will provide great benefits. The benefits that you will experience are stronger muscles, more calories burned, better workout swag, increase in confidence, and more energy.

Meet Kane Quinones, our TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Green Hills member of the month. Kane has been a part of our TITLE family for a few months now. He not only joined our club because we were a boxing gym near him, but he wanted a change from his previous fitness routine. By joining TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Green Hills, he has been able to experience a full-body boxing workout that incorporates cardio, strength, and core training. His dedication to our kickboxing, boxing, and HIIT classes have allowed him to hit his boxing for fitness goals each month. Burning 1000 calories per workout has changed both his mind and body and has given him motivation.

Since Kane joined our boxing club, he’s lost 50 lbs, and he’s not stopping there! This guy works hard every. Single. Day. Kane averages 4-5 classes a week, and he has brought his wife and several friends to the club – all who have joined the TITLE fam!

tbc green hills member kane

This member bought into the TITLE mindset, and now, he’s accomplishing his goals as well as sharing his encouragement with the TITLE Boxing Club Nashville Green Hills community. Thank you, Kane, for being such an awesome member of the TITLE fam! We’re excited that you’ve been able to reach your goals because of our boxing club, and we look forward to seeing you in your next class!