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Apr 2, 2018

Fighting Parkinson’s: “TITLE has had a huge impact on our family!”

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Check out this awesome story from Hanne & Laurie Buss.  Hanne is a long-time participant of our Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson’s Boxing classes:

My mom Hanne was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in February 2014 and found TITLE Boxing’s Parkinson’s class two months later.  She’s been going three times a week ever since.

“Sometimes I’m very tired before Boxing, but I feel much better after class.  Days that I don’t exercise, I feel worse, so it helps me to cope” says Hanne. Besides physical improvements, the classes really help her emotionally and mentally.

“I like the crazy fun music, and I like the group.  We all get to know each other and support each other. Each trainer is different, and they’re all good, and show us different techniques to help us with Parkinson’s, including stretching and balance. Some trainers give us more challenging boxing sequences, and others are easier to follow.  All the trainers are very empathetic.  When I visit my doctors, the first thing they always ask me is if I’m still boxing.  They are very impressed by my commitment and that, at 78 years old and with PD, I’m a Boxer! Working out with all the other Parkinson’s fighters is very encouraging and makes me want to keep moving and persevering.  For anyone at any age with Parkinson’s considering taking a class, I highly recommend it! Be patient while learning the routines! I still don’t know them all, but it helps by challenging my brain, and it keeps my spirits up.”

Watching my Mom has been amazing.  She lost her extra weight six months after starting the PD classes at TITLE.  At first I was a little shocked and irritated that nothing could be scheduled to interfere with her Boxing classes, but her dedication, optimism, and perseverance inspires everyone she meets.  Our family is very proud of her.  She inspired me to try Boxing and kickboxing, and since joining TITLE six months ago, I’ve lost about 25 pounds!  I love coming in the evening after work to get rid of stress and to sleep better.

I feel like TITLE is family, and that I know all the trainers and of course Lisa and Matt. Since I have every other Friday off, I volunteered to help out with the PD class when Lisa called for volunteers. We learned how to use the mitts to help people in the class, and give them more individual attention. My favorite thing about my classes is kicking the bag, and I appreciate that people keep encouraging me, and miss me when I can’t make it. Each of the trainers has a different style and techniques, so I feel like I’m always getting good instruction, and I’m never bored. There’s always something new to learn or improve upon. The best thing is going to bed at night, and still feeling my ab muscles twitching from the core workout at the end of every class!

I just want to say “thank-you” to all the trainers and staff at TITLE: YOU’VE ALL HAD A HUGE IMPACT ON OUR FAMILY!!

Hannelore & Laurie Buss

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