Club Event - January 22, 2018 - 05:30:00

New MMA & TITLE Technique Classes

You asked, we delivered! Later this month, we are launching new class formats including MMA & TITLE Techniques. While each debuted at our open house in December, they will soon be included in our club’s full-time schedule moving forward. Be sure to monitor our website and social media accounts for times, trainers and complete details. Information will also be available at the front desk and communicated through center post announcements.

We’re always evolving at TITLE Boxing Club and we know you’ll love these new additions to the schedule. We’ll have more classes to offer meaning more chances to hit it hard! Better yet, there will still be plenty of boxing and kickboxing classes offered throughout the week. Check out the details below on TITLE MMA and TITLE Techniques.


TITLE MMA: our newest workout is a Mixed Martial Arts – influenced class designed to elevate your soul and condition your body. Ground bag work blends with boxing and kickboxing on the heavy bag for an ultimate full-body challenge. It’s an absolute blast, see for yourself!

TITLE Techniques: a 60-minute class focused on building member knowledge and skill specific to boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. TITLE Techniques will improve the quality of movements to ensure an effective, efficient high-quality workout.