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Mar 22, 2018

Success Story | Joelle

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TITLE Boxing Club North Andover, MA wants to to give a special shout out to Joelle Rodriguez, one of our members since 2014. Joelle has been part of the family for 4 years now, and never ceases to amaze us all. TITLE Boxing Club North Andover, MA is more than just a gym or fitness center located near our members. We are a place where community and health come together to motivate members to hit their goals and increase their confidence. Our focus is on taking a boxer’s workout and making it exciting, yet challenging for everyone who is involved. We start our workouts with stretching and then kick it into gear by implementing jabs, uppercuts, kickboxing, core and cardio techniques. The trainers at the club will push you to your limits by challenging you to fight through mental roadblocks and push you through the fatigue that you face. Joelle has fought to change her body and mind by using our workouts, and the team acknowledges her as a member that not only pushes herself, but motivates everyone in the class.

Joelle participated in our fitness challenge and lost 20 lbs along with shedding 6.4% of her body fat. Her results led her to losing 12.5 inches overall! This is a great accomplishment and we take in pride in helping Joelle hit her goals. Here is what Joelle has to say about her experience at TITLE Boxing Club North Andover,  

I started strength training with Tina over a year ago. We first worked out different muscle groups each week. I then wanted to focus on strengthening, and toning my back and shoulders. Tina helped me reach that goal. My next goal was to lose some weight and work on lowering my body fat. Tina supported me, and coached me through an eight week fitness challenge that was designed to help me make a healthy lifestyle change, through eating right and exercising. I learned so much about how to eat right and train my body the  right way. Tina was there every step of the way answering any questions that I had, and holding me accountable for my food choices, and workouts. After the eight weeks were finished I had lost 20lbs, and lowered my body fat 6.5%. I have never felt healthier or stronger. I never understood the right way or healthy way to lose weight and maintain it. I could not have done any of it without Tina’s knowledge and dedication to her clients. She continues to push me to make new goals and strive to reach them. Tina is the best!


Thank you Joelle for believing in TITLE Boxing Club of North Andover, MA and for trusting in our trainers to help motivate and push you to hit your goals! You have been a great asset to our TITLE Boxing Club family.

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