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Dec 7, 2016

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I was one of those people who “donated” a early membership to a local gym every few years. I’d turn up once after I signed up and a second time a year later to cancel my membership. That’s how much I hated exercising.

After years of being a workaholic with no exercise, I shouldn’t have been surprised when my doctor told me last summer I was pre-diabetic. But I was still shocked – I eat healthily and my weight was normal. I was told to have a blood test every 3 months and to cut out sweets. It was tough news.

Around that time, my husband and I noticed, “TITLE Boxing Club” on the way to Brooklyn Market. My husband suggested I check it out, but I thought, “Boxing? Me? No way!” Next thing I was inside talking to Michael – I think he could sell ice to an Eskimo – and I’d signed up.


The first few classes were unimaginably hard, but I walked out in a sweaty mess, feeling uplifted. Soon, the excitement of looking forward to classes made me realize I’d finally found an exercise I actually enjoyed! After many more classes I could do things I’d never been able to do; push ups, planks, sit-ups! Breaking these old barriers gave me a big boost of confidence, physically and mentally.

After 3 1/2 months, 3 times a week of hard work, I got the sweetest news of all: my blood test showed I was no longer pre-diabetic, in fact, my glucose was on the lower side of normal. My cholesterol, calcium and other levels had also improved significantly.

You hear good health comes down to diet and exercise – my diet was ok, but now I’ve got the exercise bit too. Boxing class is the only exercise I’ve stuck at because I really enjoy it and I got results.

Thanks Michael and the TITLE Boxing Club Team – I really feel you’re invested in seeing us all get the best out of ourselves.