Congrats to our member of the month Lyndon-John aka LJ. He has been a member of TITLE for three months now and has already completed 80 classes. His passion for boxing is what earned him the title of Member of the Month.

Why did you join TITLE?

“I decided to become a member because I have always wanted to learn about boxing and self defense techniques”

What have you gained?

“Since becoming a member I have gained so much. All of the trainers have taught me more just boxing. Because of them I have become disciplined. My stamina has improved greatly and I feel like I can take on the world. Most importantly I have gained a family. Every time I walk into TITLE I feel at home. The trainers don’t just lead the class but really try to get to know you and form a personal connection to you. Even other members try to get to know me and form friendships. This place isn’t like any other gym its my gym.”

What is your favorite thing about TITLE?

“My favorite thing will always be the people! They are what makes this club special and what has me coming back everyday”