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Mar 8, 2019

February Member Spotlight

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Member Spotlight:
Howard Jenifer joined TITLE Boxing Club Owings Mills as a founding member in November 2018 and has taken 35 classes at our club. Howard has been loyal, consistent and focused on improving his health and changing his overall fitness level. As a proud father and business owner, Howard battles the same stresses that life throws at all of us every day. But he uses our workouts to find balance, reduce stress and achieve physical and mental health. We can’t put a number on it, but the guess is upwards of 40 lbs lost in the time that Howard joined our club in just over two months. His results are AMAZING! His attitude is AMAZING. Howard is AMAZING! He is an inspiration to his family and to many of our members who love being around Howard because he is such a positive and delightful person. We are so thankful to have Howard as a member at TBCOM and glad to be a part of his path to greater health. Join Howard at TITLE Boxing Club Owings Mills and let our team help transform your body and mind!