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The Investment

Invest In Yourself & In Others

Making a smart investment in both your profession and passion is important to us as it is to you. We believe the very best investment you’ll ever make in life is your health, and we also provide the opportunity for you to share it with others. So, when it comes to understanding the costs and investment requirements of owning a TITLE Boxing Club franchise, we’re here to help. This important part of your research is valuable to better understand if you have what it takes, both passionately and financially, to open a premium fitness club.

Just like our members, TITLE Boxing Club owners come from all walks of life. Our TITLE Boxing Club franchisees have a variety of professional backgrounds and many come from executive-level positions. Best of all, when you have a passion for helping others in their health and wellness life goals, our proven business model helps make your success a reality.

Simply put—TITLE Boxing Club owners possess passion, drive, talent, determination and are so proud to be part of a truly exceptional brand.

"Great success will happen if you follow the model and truly believe in what you are doing."

Ashok Kumar | TITLE Boxing Club Franchisee | Farmington Hills, MI & Troy, MI

TITLE Boxing Club Start-Up Costs

The initial investment of a TITLE Boxing Club franchise varies based on the market and site selection, however we’ve broken down the low to high estimated costs of getting started.

Estimated Initial Investment Low Amount High Amount
Initial franchise fee $49,500 $49,500
Standard initial package $66,508 $103,430
Sales tax on standard initial package $0 $10,000
Delivery for standard initial package $1,000 $12,000
Software license fee $400 $400
Initial training fee $5,000 $5,000
Travel and living expenses while training $2,500 $5,000
Leasehold improvements $0 $120,000
Architectural and engineering services $5,000 $12,000
Signage $3,500 $10,000
Additional fees $500 $2,000
Security deposits $5,000 $11,000
Rent (3 months) $0 $30,000
Business equipment $1,000 $2,000
Office supplies $500 $2,000
Training materials $0 $500
Business licenses $500 $3,000
Insurance - 3 months $1,500 $2,500
Music licensing fee $400 $800
Site selection assistance / consulting $0 $2,000
Additional funds $20,000 $40,000
TOTAL $162,808 $423,120

Funding & Financing Options

We understand you desire to open a club is largely dependent on your financial ability as well. So, we’ve partnered with FranFund to help our franchisees find loan options that best fit their particular needs. If you have a $400,000 net worth and $100,000 in available capital, FranFund may be able to help you secure a business loan. Typical financing options include Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, one or more loans from a conventional bank, or even rolling over your retirement accounts to fund your franchise (with no penalty, debt or taxes). At FranFund, you can talk to a representative and get a free over-the-phone consultation. FranFund offers a revolutionary program called FranFundSelect® which provides loans up to $150,000 with no minimum cash injection.
If you have the drive and passion to impact your community and create a legacy of health and prosperity, we can talk you through the numbers and start-up investment. The best is yet to come and we can’t wait to meet you. Simply contact us using the form below for more information.

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