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Dec 17, 2018

Why Group Fitness Yields Results for Individuals and Business Owners

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It’s hard to start a new routine, but with a support group on your side, anything is possible. That’s why group fitness classes, like spinning and boxing, have been growing in popularity. Boxing classes with TITLE Boxing Club are motivational and offer a sense of accountability for those who always find an excuse to skip the gym.

Group workouts with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and experienced trainers top the list of 2018 fitness trends, which are incorporated into a typical TITLE Boxing Club class. The on-trend concept makes owning a TITLE Boxing Club franchise an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the $87.2 billion fitness industry.

Here’s why group fitness is gaining momentum and yielding results for TITLE Boxing Club members and franchisees alike:

Why Group Fitness Yields Results for Individuals

The structure of group fitness attracts a variety of participants and is the perfect way to bridge the gap for those who have never boxed or want to hone in their skills. Group fitness is popular due to:

TITLE Boxing Club classes have unique transformative powers unlike any other type of workout – they empower members, help them fight through their battles, and meet their fitness goals. Members have used boxing for de-stressing after work or even as integral part of a battle with cancer. TITLE Boxing Club and the community that comes with it motivates members and helps them grow in class and in their personal lives.

Why Group Fitness Yields Results for TITLE Boxing Club Owners

TITLE Boxing Club puts a unique spin on group fitness that not only attracts new members, but retains them, too. TITLE Boxing Club does this by:

Group fitness is here to stay, and TITLE Boxing Club has created the perfect model that benefits both members and franchisees, allowing them both to achieve their goals.


To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit titleboxingclub.com/own-a-franchise.

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