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May 21, 2018

How the Marketing Department Grows the Brand and Helps Franchisees

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How the Marketing Department Grows the Brand and Helps Franchisees

By Brooke Budke, Vice President of Marketing, TITLE Boxing Club

The importance we place on being active and the way we exercise has changed dramatically over the past decade. We have created new fitness strategies and utilize new motivators. This is one of the reasons fitness studios like TITLE Boxing Club have gained popularity over more traditional health clubs. Last year, 18.2 million Americans were members at fitness studios, a 15 percent increase over just three years ago.

Fitness studios are capable of creating a community and provide more incentive in membership. When you’re a regular at a studio, there is more attendance accountability and familiarity – which stands in stark contrast to a large multipurpose health club.

Our ideas about what it means to be healthy and “in shape” are shifting too. More diverse models are being integrated into advertising, and the rise of social media in fitness is opening us to new ideas of what it really means to be fit. For the first time, we’re seeing celebrities and models showcase their weightlifting and boxing workouts to achieve a strong rather than skinny look.

Just as people are challenging what healthy and fit means, TITLE Boxing Club is challenging the traditional stigma around boxing by creating an inclusive fitness experience. Our marketing team works to weave TITLE Boxing Club ideals into this new national narrative to attract new members and new franchise owners.

Be Your Own Boss

We use local marketing to engage members and franchise development outreach to attract new franchise owners. Both revolve around increasing brand awareness. As we increase our national and international presence, we attract new members and franchisees.

In a way, the two audiences are looking for a similar change in life. Our members want to be the bosses of their own bodies and will use a trainer to guide them. Our franchise owners want to be their own bosses, too, but will use a franchise model to guide them. We empower both individuals and business owners to take charge.

Potential members and franchisees are linked. Healthy brand awareness attracts more franchise owners to the investment and primes their new market with buzz factor prior to opening. We’re able to attract new members who have heard of TITLE Boxing Club but haven’t had a nearby location to try a class. We use corporate marketing initiatives online and in local markets to foster a good environment for new clubs and new members.

April 2018 Marketing Campaign


The Marketing One-Two Punch

An effective and comprehensive marketing approach is achieved through a layered effect. It’s important to understand the value of online versus in-person marketing and how to incorporate multiple levels of outreach.

Social media is a big player in this arena and can be leveraged strategically. Fitness influencers highlight the market shift on our daily feeds, and a fitness-focused business can capitalize on this trendy platform. TITLE Boxing Club plans to launch a new influencer brand ambassador campaign and simultaneously leverage our owned media channels. We’ve seen a sharp increase in our social media followers, doubling our Instagram following in just six months. We are developing a layered effect by using our own accounts and creating passionate brand ambassadors.

Due to both the shift in what is culturally acceptable for fitness and our comprehensive marketing efforts, we are able to deliver a marketing one-two punch to reach a large audience and increase overall membership.

Strong Community, Loyal Members

Marketing attracts new members and helps form a great community with an exciting class vibe. The perks of a TITLE Boxing Club studio keep our members engaged and active. The increase in memberships and franchisees helps us bring TITLE Boxing Club to more communities and break down the stereotypes of fitness studios and boxing gyms.

It’s the most exciting time in company history; we reach new people each day. This opportunity is unique for franchise owners. The market is not yet saturated, so many have yet to try a TITLE Boxing Club class. There are endless opportunities for growth.

To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit titleboxingclub.com/own-a-franchise.

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