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Nov 20, 2018

How Three Childhood Friends Followed the TITLE Boxing Club Franchise Playbook All the Way to a Spirit Award Win

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Dane Ohly, Ainsley Burgos and RJ Hickey are looking back at their childhoods as they reflect on the winding road they took toward becoming TITLE Boxing Club’s Spirit Award winners. The Westlake, Ohio TITLE Boxing Club ownership group – or family, as they refer to themselves – received the Spirit Award at TITLE Boxing Club’s conference in October.

The Spirt Award is given to TITLE Boxing Club franchisees who exemplify TITLE Boxing Club’s values, beliefs, spirit and culture. Spirit Award winners have extremely high member engagement and are involved in their communities. They also serve as an inspiration to their members, team and community.

Since opening their club in June of 2014, the trio has been committed to following the TITLE Boxing Club playbook and embodying the brand’s spirit to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, inspire members and make a difference.

“Our whole team is made up of people who care about other people,” said Dane. “It’s not about numbers and it’s not financial. It’s about help, it’s about changing people’s lives.”

Right Time, Right Place

Dane and RJ have been friends since middle school, and Ainsley went to that same school a few grades below them. Many years later they came together to open their TITLE Boxing Club.

RJ worked at the TITLE Boxing Club location in Columbus, Ohio, for three years, where he fell in love with the club, product and brand.

Meanwhile, Dane was working in sales for a roofing company. He became interested in TITLE Boxing Club when he saw the support his friend, who was a professional boxer and TITLE Boxing Club franchisee, received from his members at a weigh-in the night before a big fight.

“I was intrigued because his TITLE Boxing Club had created more than just a fitness facility, it had created a community,” said Dane.

Ainsley was the marketing manager at a local spa when RJ and Dane approached her about the TITLE Boxing Club opportunity.

“It just made sense,” she said. “I had always been involved in athletics and fitness, so it was the perfect blend and it was the right time and the right place.”

TITLE Boxing Club Playbook as Their Guide

From the start, Dane, RJ and Ainsley relied on the TITLE Boxing Club playbook to help them build a successful business and community.

“We bought into everything the franchise was sharing with us because they’re there to help,” said Dane. “It really helped us because we were all young and pretty inexperienced as far as a background in business goes.”

Dane and RJ both played sports in college – football and wrestling, respectively – and Ainsley had a background in athletics as well, so the team was no stranger to the effectiveness of a playbook. It provides everything franchisees need to successfully fulfill the brand mission, deliver a premium product and experience, and implement the proven business model.

Offering Members the Best Hour of Their Day

Making a difference is all in a day’s work for the three friends.

“It’s not a job for us. We got into it for all the right reasons. The fact that we’ve been financially successful is a plus, but we really try to affect people’s lives,” said RJ.

Whether members are making an effort to lose weight, recover from a traumatic health event, or cope with a life-altering disease, the Westlake team is committed to helping them get the most out of their workouts. The same commitment applies to whether members are 85 years old or young professional athletes.

“We’re all on the same page in offering the best hour of their day for our members,” Ainsley said. “It really comes down to that basic philosophy. We’ve always said that if we can make an impact on one person’s life, that’s worth it.”

The Westlake team was blown away by their award win and were proud to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to making a difference in their community.

“Winning this award validates what we’re doing, and it feels good because we work hard and we love what we do,” RJ said. “This has been our baby for more than four years, and it’s affected a lot of people – including ourselves – a lot.”

Are you interested in owning a business that changes lives? Contact us today to learn more about franchise opportunities with TITLE Boxing Club.

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