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Sep 19, 2017

How TITLE Boxing Club Helps with Local Marketing

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Membership is a primary concern for anyone opening a fitness club. It’s their main source of revenue. But, many small-business owners shy away from marketing because they don’t possess the know-how, believe they don’t have the time or are focused on other tasks.

However, marketing your fitness club is something you can’t afford to avoid. Competition in the fitness industry is growing to meet demand caused by an increasing segment of the population choosing healthier lifestyles. Club revenue between now and 2022 is expected to grow as more Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) become more health-conscious due to their age.

Catch and Keep

The local marketing playbook for TITLE Boxing Club franchisees is makes the task of marketing easy to understand and execute for franchisees. It includes digital and social media, as well as internal and external club events that take place outside of the club to assist with the brand’s membership drives that are held three or four times a year.

While attracting new members is important, retaining members is essential for running a successful club. TITLE Boxing Club also develops and shares campaigns and promotions with franchise owners to help them boost member retention.

Marketing Made Easy

TITLE Boxing Club offers its franchise owners an annual marketing calendar so they know what the campaigns and promotions are for each month. For each event, they receive all the advertising and marketing assets and information for what they should do, the schedule, where they should go (if it’s an external event, such as a 5K run), and even what they should say. This allows franchisees to effectively plan for each event throughout the year.

Additionally, TITLE Boxing Club’s marketing department holds quarterly marketing and sales webinars, which provide guidance on how to execute the promotions.Brooke Health

“You name it, we build it,” said Brooke Budke, senior director of marketing for TITLE Boxing Club. “We give them the kit containing what they need to succeed every month for their marketing campaign or promotion, whether it be an in-club workout challenge, a membership promotion or something else. We come up with marketing campaigns and promotions that drive membership, referrals, loyalty and engagement.”

For example, the brand’s Warrior Week instructs all clubs throughout the country to host fundraisers for a local charity. Club members participate in different activities to raise money for that charity or act as warriors for other people. This helps build community as members are working for a common cause, which keeps them engaged and happy to be a part of that TITLE Boxing Club.

Planksgiving is another event heavy on social marketing. Every November, this campaign encourages club members to hold a plank position for a certain amount of time every day. Meanwhile, franchisees encourage participating members to create fun plank posts on social media and reward the member who comes up with the most interesting post. There may even be a competition to see which member can hold a plank position the longest. Social media is also instrumental in building community and is an essential part of marketing today.

My Generation

Although franchisees are supplied with all the material and support they need to conduct successful marketing campaigns and promotions to generate new membership and retain existing members, the TITLE Boxing Club marketing team will follow up to see how franchisees are doing with those events.

“The most successful franchisees are the ones who can execute what’s been given to them,” Brooke said. “The marketing team’s sole job is to help the franchisee be successful with the marketing of their clubs. We want to drive people into the clubs every day and also drive loyalty of our existing members.”

To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit titleboxingclub.com/own-a-franchise.

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