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Matt H.

Matt has been involved in sports and fitness since he can remember. He grew up playing baseball and basketball through his adolescent years while always having a passion for boxing and martial arts. As a child he enjoyed watching Muhammad Ali fights and Bruce Lee movies with his dad and have always been captivated by the sport even at a young age. He ended up starting his own boxing blog when he was 28, sharing his personal views about everything and anything boxing related. His blogs are still posted and available to read at www.boxing2420.wordpresss.com. He welcomes people to read through his work. He loves depicting the sport of boxing, admiring the mechanics, and staying up to date with boxing events.

He was eventually led to a sales position at TITLE Boxing Club in the fall of 2015 because he wanted to surround himself with the sport! Shortly after learning the ropes, he decided to teach his own classes and became a TITLE trainer! When he came to TITLE, his passion was REIGNITED for more than just boxing! He wanted to be a part of TITLE BOXING CLUB to continue his boxing training and to help others gain the same focus and determination!

My personal mantra:
Consider yourself lightly, consider others deeply

My training style is:

My why:
Impacting people’s lives in a positive way through these workouts is not only rewarding, it’s gratifying to motivate others to reach their fitness goals! It’s my goal to generate accomplishment in our members! What we do is not easy, BUT there is a true sense of community here! We strive to push each other to what we’re capable of and to BE BETTER TOGETHER!

What gives me my fighting spirit:
My fighting spirit comes from the knowledge that we all create inside these doors that cannot be separated. I believe in the physical and mental release that our workouts provide people with!



Sports, exercise and fitness have been a part of Rebecca’s daily life for years. Becoming a certified personal trainer and going to graduate school to become a Physical Therapist has kept her continuously involved in the health and wellness industry. Helping others reach full fitness potential is so rewarding for her.

Running is Rebecca’s passion and she’s never felt the “high” that she gets from running with any other form of exercise. That is until she came to TITLE Boxing Club. She has challenged herself with running by training and completing her first full marathon at 35-years-old. Pushing her own limits is a challenge she poses to herself daily when it comes to exercise. TITLE Boxing Club forces her to test her physical and mental toughness with each and every class.

My personal mantra:
I am alive, live today.

My training style is:

My why:
I believe in this workout and what it does for the mind and body. I want to help people be the best version of themselves.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
My two young daughters who look up to me and expet to learn the ways of the world from their Mommy.



Frannie always likes to know what’s the latest and greatest in the fitness world. Her son was actually the first in her family to experience TITLE Boxing Club, and he talked her into trying it out. The rest is history. Besides teaching classes at TITLE, Frannie is at many other locations around Northeast Ohio teaching Aerobics, Power Sculpt, Spinning, Step Aerobics, Pilates and Zumba. Her certifications include:

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • AFAA Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • Bally Total Fitness Certified Pilates Mat Instructor
  • Mad Dogg Certified Level Three Spinning Instructor
  • Title Boxing Certified Trainer
  • Zumba Certified Instructor

Frannie is equally as passionate about fitness, as she is about her marketing technology career, where she’s the Head of Market Development for a venture-backed, San Francisco-based, technology start up. She has three children – Samantha (19), Jalen (17) and Laurel (15) – and a husband of 22 years, Kip. Her family loves nothing more than to spend time with her at TITLE, and when they are at home, and anyone steps out of line, they line up the gloves and duke it out!

My personal mantra:
Live each day to its fullest.

My training style is:

My why:
I had been teaching group fitness for over 25 years and am motivated by a strong desire to constantly learn and challenge myself. TITLE gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, challenge my mind, body and spirit, and watch my crazy passion inspire, motivate and change the lives of many.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 31 (she was 53). I watched her battle cancer on and off for my entire life. My mom was the greatest person I ever knew and she is my motivation every single day in everything that I do. When I am faced with adversity or a challenge, I always think that nothing I am facing compares to the anguish that she endured. When I pass a milestone or experience the highs of success, I always look to the stars and see her smiling bright. Everything I touch, everything I am, has a piece of my mom inside.



Chad was looking for a new challenge and heard through the word of mouth that TITLE Boxing Club offers an awesome workout that provides rapid results. Chad was a member for two years before becoming a trainer. He sought the opportunity to motivate others the way he had been motivated.

“It truly is a challenging cardio workout however, the most satisfying workout available,” Chad said. “We have a hard working staff and incredibly driven members, making us a very motivated team!”

My personal mantra:
Nothing is given, everything is earned.

My training style is:

My why:
As a member, it gave me the ability to push myself to new limits. I enjoy helping and seeing others step out of the their comfort zone and grow.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
Being self-employed, there are no safeguards for me. I must get up every day and push my company forward for my family, my employees and my future.

Our Club & Community

Aug 5, 2022

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Chuck’s TITLE Boxing Club Success

Chuck Wordsall joined TITLE Boxing Club in October of 2017. Before joining, Chuck had learned that his visceral fat and… Read More

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Our Club Leadership

There came a point in his life when Casey was figuratively wandering around aimlessly. That path took him to the front door of TITLE Boxing Club. He took his first class as a paying customer, almost threw up, and has been in love with product ever since.

The club became his sanctuary, his weight loss center and his psychiatrist all in one. He learned a lot about his himself, pushed himself emotionally and physically through the tough times and as an added benefit is now in the best shape of his life.

It’s that journey, that struggle, that benefit that Casey is now sharing with as many people as he can reach. He started as a part owner of TITLE Boxing Club Pickerington in Columubs before opening his first club on his own – TITLE Boxing Club Highland Heights in 2012. He has since opened TITLE Boxing Club Solon (2013), TITLE Boxing Club Mentor (2015), TITLE Boxing Club Strongsville (2016) and TITLE Boxing Club Ohio City (2017).

Within the past year, he has also has taken ownership of two clubs in the Columbus area – TITLE Boxing Club Polaris and TITLE Boxing Club Powell.

As you are around town, give Casey a honk and a wave as you see him driving around in his “TITLE mobile” or stop into one of his many clubs and say hello.

Success Stories

Chuck’s TITLE Boxing Club Success

Wednesday February 7, 2018

Chuck Wordsall joined TITLE Boxing Club in October of 2017. Before joining, Chuck had learned that his visceral fat and metabolic age were extremely high. After running and exercising in a traditional gym setting, he decided he needed a change. He took his first boxing class led by Casey and was hooked! Despite a recent lupus diagnosis and ongoing chronic back pain, Chuck committed to TITLE Boxing Club. He religiously goes to class three times a week since joining. He has also focused on clean, healthy eating. In the months since he's been a member, he's lost more than 40 pounds and significantly decreased his visceral fat, metabolic age, and body fat. At 42 years old, he is in the best shape of his life! Chuck loves the encouragement and motivation from all the trainers. He is always telling others how great it is to work out at TITLE, and...

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I’ve heard the classes are intense; do I need to be in great shape to do the workouts?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in a while or have never boxed before, you can finish the workout feeling great! You’ll see that everyone goes at their own pace, but believe us that once you’re here, you’ll be inspired to give it your very best!

I don’t want to get hit; is this a contact workout?

No—not ever! Each person in class has their own heavy bag to workout on, plus their own space to move around the bag. Trust us, you won’t even realize anyone else is in the class because you’ll be so focused on the workout! And, rest easy, we never allow sparring or fighting at TITLE Boxing Club.

What makes TITLE different than other fitness studios?

Boxing is a great workout, perhaps one of the most challenging of all sports, and we want to bring you the intensity of the training, minus the impact. We’ll teach you how to roll with the punches by pushing you further than you thought possible.

I’m new to boxing; will someone show me the basics?

You bet! All of our classes are taught by instructors who will show you the ropes from the beginning. We’ll help you wrap your hands and walk you through the basic fundamentals. Everyone in class is at a different level, so take a deep breath and go at your own pace!

Can I bring my children with me?

We do not offer childcare services at TITLE Boxing Club. However, children over the age of eight are welcome to work out with you here and join as a member! Ask us about our Family Membership options.

What do I need to bring to class? How early do I need to arrive?

Hand wraps and gloves are essential for your protection and mandatory for class. If you have some bring 'em, If you don't, no worries. We sell all equipment at the club. Make sure to also bring a bottle of water and a towel! Plan on arriving 20-30 minutes early so we can get you settled and wrap your hands.

I’ve never hit anything before. Will I hurt myself?

For a beginner, the most important thing is to learn the proper form. The good news is that we’ll teach you! As you progress, you’ll be able to throw several variations of punches from different positions and develop your own punching technique to fit your style. People are usually surprised at how much they love hitting the heavy bag!

Can I try a class before joining?

Of course you can take classes before purchasing a membership. We have drop-in rates for single classes, three or six classes. These are great for people who travel often or want to try us out. You can choose our best value option and commit to a membership any time.

Do you have showers?

We do have a private shower for you to clean up after your workout and please bring any essentials you may need!