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Feb 12, 2018

April Member Spotlight, Bonnie

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TITLE Boxing Club has impacted my life!

Approximately one and half years ago my family doctor told me I was pre diabetic and said I may need to go on medication. That was NOT an option I wanted. Soon dieting and exercise became part of my daily routine. Up until then I had not stepped foot in a gym. I decided to join a local gym. Took some classes &walked on the treadmill ( a first time for me). The pounds were slowly coming off and I was feeling a little better. But, soon I became tired and bored of the typical gym setting. I was looking for something different. At the recommendation of a friend I gave Title Boxing a try. I am HOOKED!
Attending classes 5x a week I have shed pounds (and sweat),lost inches, feel better, have more energy, strength and confidence. In addition to the regular classes I also do personal training. With her help and encouragement, and also from the entire staff, I , at the age of 56, recently was able to complete a Warrior Dash. The time was not important to me but completing each obstacle and crossing the finish line was. Work hard- play hard! Thanks Faith and CJ for your continued encouragement.

Weight down, blood pressure down and NO medication!

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