Before and After
Meet Ann. Ann started her journey well before discovering TITLE Boxing Club, but after relocating from Cincinnati to Cleveland, she knew she wanted to kick it in to high gear and challenge herself even more.
🥊Her first class was with a professional MMA fighter, @thechosen1_mma — everything was demonstrated and explained properly from start to finish, so she didn’t feel lost at all. She loved the community feel from the Trainers to the other Members. She felt part of the #TITLEFamily immediately.
💪🏻Since joining, she’s down 50+ lbs, her confidence has doubled, plank times have improved, and the Club has helped Cleveland feel like home. She no longer experiences joint pain when running or jumping and has been able to get back into distance running.
🗣Here’s what she has to say. . .
“I get that coming into a new activity can be intimidating. The nice thing is the class is 60-minutes, with each boxing round broken down into three-minute intervals. You can do ANYTHING for three minutes. The classes fly by and the trainers are there to encourage you and help provide modifications whenever needed.”